Why You Should Be Mindful of the Quiet Luxury Trend

Nov 24, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


Whether or not you believe style trends are pushed by the fashion industry in order to sell stuff, you cannot deny that trends still exist. We see them in our wholesale sunglasses industry  all the time. Right now, one of the more intriguing trends is quiet luxury. We encourage you to be mindful of that trend as we head into the 2023 holiday shopping season.

Quiet luxury is a trend in both fashion and interior design. It began to emerge early this year and quickly caught on over the summer months. It is now firmly entrenched as a legitimate style option for people who want to embrace the look and quality and luxury without going over the top.

Quality Is the Big Thing

If we had to describe quiet luxury in two words, those words would be: quality and design. Quality is the more important of the two. Simply put, consumers are demanding quality products more often than they used to. It boils down to value.

We see calls for higher quality whenever the economy is in decline. It makes perfect sense. During economic downturns, people have less disposable income. Their natural response is to want to get the most for every penny they spend. But in the quiet luxury trend, 'most' has nothing to do with volume. It is not a quantity thing. When people say they want to get the most for their money, they are referring to quality.

Your customers don't want to spend whatever they think is a fair price for designer sunglasses only to get a product that falls apart a couple of months after purchase. They want quality sunglasses they know will last. Moreover, they want that quality within their existing budgets.

Understated Style Is Also Important

The other half of the quiet luxury equation is design. The thing consumers are looking for is understated style. They want thoughtfully designed sunglasses that look timeless and elegant. They do not want sunglasses that are ostentatious, presumptuous, or over the top with intrusive logos and hardware.

We saw a similar trend as we transitioned from the 1980s into the 90s. During the 1980s, style trends were all about lots of color and size. Pastel colors that were anything but neutral ruled the day. And in terms of volume, think big hair. It was all the rage during the '80s.

Clothing was big back then, too. Think jackets with shoulder pads and parachute pants with so much extra fabric you really could jump safely out of a plane with them. But then the 1990s rolled around. People still wanted quality clothing and accessories, but they were over the idea of being loud, ostentatious, and in-your-face.

Quiet Luxury for Everyone

We can safely say that Olympic Eyewear offers quiet luxury for everyone. Whether you need wholesale sunglasses for men, women, or children, we have a complete selection covering nearly 2-dozen brands in all the shapes, colors, and styles your customers want. We have the quiet luxury they want at prices that still leave you plenty of room for markup.

It is not quite clear how long the quiet luxury trend will last. But if history is reliable, quiet luxury will probably stick around for at least a year or two. People want that understated style in a quality pair of sunglasses that fits the budget.

You can give them exactly what they want by shopping for wholesale sunglasses here at Olympic Eyewear. We invite you to look around. With so many sunglasses to choose from, you are bound to find exactly what you need.

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