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Sunglasses Marketing

  • What Gives an Eyewear/Sunglasses Brand Long Term Staying Power

    Long-term staying power is just as important in the eyewear industry as any other. As an industry player yourself, you know that there are some very strong brands that seem like they have been around forever. Then there are those lesser-known brands that have not been around as long but very well could be at some point. What is the key? How do they achieve that long-term staying power? Let us be...

  • The Question of Free Shipping in Sunglasses & E-commerce

    Shipping is the bane of existence for many e-commerce operators. We have heard for years that both wholesale and retail customers want fast and free shipping. That is not necessarily a problem for big-name operators whose annual sales are in the tens of millions of dollars. Offering both isn't so easy for smaller operators. How do you feel about fast and free shipping? Perhaps you are willing to o...

  • How to Use Consumer Education As a Marketing Tool for Wholesale Sunglasses

    Your business model relies heavily on buying bulk sunglasses at discount prices and then finding ways to market them to retail customers. Buying wholesale sunglasses is the easy part. You just visit the Olympic Eyewear website, shop a bit, and place an order. Marketing is the harder part. Have you ever considered marketing with consumer education? Consumer education has been a marketing tool in ...