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What Are Others Saying About Olympic Eyewear?

Janet L
NSW, Australia

"Happy to see lots of new styles!"

Monique R
Maryland, USA

"I'm really in love with my order and what I received. My glasses came really quick with no damages and they were packaged very nice. Definitely making another order soon!"

John D
New Jersey, USA

"I must tell you, I am thrilled with the service, speed and quality. I will definitely use your company in the future."

Over 1200+ Satisfied Customers, and Going Strong

Your Customers Are Looking for Their Style – Do You Carry It?

Our industry is pretty fickle, isn't it? What's hot for the spring generally doesn't last into the fall. The designer sunglasses people buy to get them through those long summer days on the beach will be set aside when winter's snow starts flying. As a designer of high-quality sunglasses, we do...

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About Olympic Eyewear

Giving consumers access to high-quality sunglasses at affordable prices has been the Olympic Eyewear philosophy since 2006. In over more than a decade in business, we have taken an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses that has made us one of the top distributors in the U.S.

At Olympic Eyewear, we believe strongly in the concept of value. Our products are similar to high-end designer sunglasses in quality but available at discounted prices. We create original sunglasses designs that feature quality that is at the very least equal to more expensive brands.

Our World Recognized Brands
Our approach to branding is simple: we create brands for each line we produce. This includes a unique logo and some sort of recognition factor that makes a particular brand attractive to consumers. The associated design work is intended to enhance the appeal, appearance, and brand recognition of that product among customers.

Our Commitment to Market Research
Branding alone is not enough to make Olympic Eyewear one of the most recognized names in wholesale sunglasses. Therefore, we have made a commitment to market research. Every new model we create is based on market research and our knowledge of current trends. Our market research allows us to create sunglasses that end consumers actually want.

Our Manufacturing Process
Finally, our manufacturing process is not left to chance. All stages of manufacturing are strictly supervised to ensure quality. This includes material purchasing, subcontracting, and quality control. We insist on complete manufacturing transparency to ensure the integrity of our brand and its uncompromising quality.