Black X-Loop Logo Sunglasses Pouches - POUCH-507XL

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These black X-Loop brand pouches might not provide people with the same level of sunglass protection as a hard case, but being able to have a pouch like this one will allow people to transport their sunglasses easier. They won't have to deal with the awkwardness of having a hard case in their pocket or backpack. Instead, they will be able to put them wherever they want without having to worry about such discomfort. Plus, the sunglasses will not have nearly as many smudges or scratches as they would if they were unexposed. The pouches are available in packs of a dozen at a wholesale price.

  • Model: POUCH-507XL
  • Brand: X-Loop
  • Accessory Type: Pouch
  • Measurements: 180 x 90 mm / 7" x 3.5"
  • Correct. Every item has indication stating how many pairs come per 1 sale item. All sunglasses are sold by the dozen.

    • 1 sale item of sunglasses = 1 dozen
    • 1 sale item of sunglasses accessories = 1 dozen
    • 1 sale item of snow goggles = 1 pair
    • 1 sale item of sunglasses display = 1 display (sunglass displays are sold by piece)
  • An assorted dozen (or mixed dozen) is a dozen of a certain model that comes in a variety of colors (all colors are displayed for each model). Selling by assorted dozen is the traditional way of distributing wholesale sunglasses.

    A single color dozen is a dozen of a certain model that comes in a single color (the color is displayed). Please note, it is not possible to pick a random color from any assorted dozen and order it as a single color. You can only choose those items that are available on our website.

    An assorted model dozen is a dozen of a certain brand or type of sunglasses that comes in a variety of models and colors. This option is great for ordering samples or sunglass packages.

    * when ordering assorted dozen from time to time you may receive some colors that are slightly different from the one's displayed. However this is not common. To have a guarantee that you receive all colors as displayed, you need to order a single color dozen.

  • You cannot choose the colors for assorted dozen or otherwise change its contents. All assorted dozens come pre-mixed from the factory. Each assorted dozen of sunglasses comes in a variety of colors displayed in the images. For ordering specific colors you can choose from the single color dozen selection.

  • All products displayed on our website are in stock and ready to ship.

  • All our sunglasses comply with US and International UV Protection Standards and are safe to wear.

  • The majority of our sunglasses are made using polycarbonate(PC) plastic lenses.