Mission Statement

Olympiceyewear.com was founded in 2006 in the state of Utah as a sunglasses wholesale company. Over the past years with the support of our clients, our company has established itself as one of the top leading distributors of wholesale discount sunglasses in the U.S.
Olympiceyewear.com was founded with the primary goal of offering an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses. Based on firsthand experience in conducting a retail business, we have created advanced solutions and services that go beyond the word "selling". Judging from various feedbacks our company receives, we learned that the innovations we bring to this business are found useful and beneficial by our clients. Olympiceyewear™ will stay dedicated to improving our products and services, giving our clients the resources they need to remain focused on staying profitable.
Whether you are already in the sunglass business or planning to get involved, we look forward to the opportunity of working together. With your support our company continues to prove that our products, services and possibilities extend beyond expectations.

Our Product

At Olympiceyewear.com we are certain, that in order to observe best business practices, a company needs to believe in its product. What makes our product different in the first place is that our sunglasses are actually designed and created in a similar manner as designer sunglasses. We make attractive design, comfortable fit and factory packaging a priority, distinguishing the ways in which our sunglasses are an all around great product. As a distributor, you will find it easy to sell our brands. The investment made in designing a better sunglass product will work to your advantage when customers approach you.
Our collection of sunglasses has grown over the past years. Olympiceyewear.com is constantly getting new product lines and models. Older models become discontinued and popular models are kept and reordered. Currently we carry over 1000 styles of sunglasses, goggles and accessories under a variety of categories. Everything you see is in stock available for order and prompt delivery.

Olympiceyewear.com makes a difference

You may have noticed that we pay attention to our quality of photography. Professional photographs of sunglasses are not only used for the presentation of product, these images are available to our clients as a free resource to use for their online businesses.
* if you are attempting to use the images from our website without having ordered that model of sunglasses, you are violating copyright laws. Such practices will be investigated.
The traditional way of distributing wholesale sunglasses is selling the models in assorted colored dozens. Although this may be the optimal way of distribution for most, we learned that some clients may prefer to order select colors or even assorted models. On our website there are several ways to order pre-packaged sunglasses by the dozen:
- Assorted Dozen (1 model of sunglasses in assorted colors)
- Single Color Dozen (1 model of sunglasses in single color)
- Assorted Models Dozen (assorted models of sunglasses in assorted colors)
Please remember that we sell sunglasses that are pre-packaged, which means we cannot fulfill requests to mix and match certain colors or certain models in a dozen. We encourage you to browse the website and use search options to find the models that best suit your needs. If the desired combination of model and color cannot be found it is not currently available.
Models which are displayed are currently in stock. If an item is out of stock, it will not be displayed. This ensures that when you add items to your cart, you are adding a model that is present in stock. Therefore, as a customer you are not wasting your time on backorders, guesswork and/or on re-submitting an entire order resulting from items being out of stock.