How to Market Sunglasses to Prolific Hat Wearers

Sep 01, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


You can carry all the finest wholesale sunglasses in the world and never reach a key sub-group within your chosen demographic. That sub-group consists of prolific hat wearers. Even the best-looking wholesale designer sunglasses in your inventory may not be enough to break through their dependence on headgear to protect their faces against the sun.

We want you to know that there are ways to successfully market sunglasses to this group. Prolific hat wearers are not a lost cause. With a little education and some creative messaging, you can help them see that their hats alone might not be cutting it.

Bear in mind that some hat wearers may be very choosy about the styles of sunglasses they are willing to wear. Keep those styles in mind when you are crafting new marketing messages. Offering the right styles could push some hat wearers over the finish line.

Hats Don't Block Them All

The primary reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays. Hats do a capable job of blocking some UV rays that would otherwise make it directly to the eyes unimpeded. But they do not block all UV rays. They are only as effective as the amount of light they keep away from the eyes.

On the other hand, remind hat wearers that sunglasses with built-in UV protection have lenses designed specifically for that purpose. The lenses have embedded filters that block up to 100% of all UV rays.

Hats Don't Always Stay Put

Another fantastic marketing angle involves addressing the reality that hats do not always stay put. Imagine the angler out on the water on a windy day. A gust comes up and his hat becomes fish food. Without a good pair of sunglasses protecting his eyes, he could suffer eye damage from both UV rays and glare.

You could approach this angle with a bit of humor. Find ways to tell stories about hats shifting, falling off, etc. You could even run a contest to find the most ill-fitting hat in the world. The winner gets a discount on their next pair.

Glare Is a Problem, Too

Speaking of not having a pair of sunglasses to protect against glare, we all know that glare can be a problem all by itself. Anglers know that all too well. So do skiers, baseball players, and just about anyone who drives a car. This is a great angle to market from.

When the source of glare is lower than a person's eyes, a hat will not do any good. And guess what? That is the case with nearly every source of glare. It is rare that sources are above the eyes.

Sunglasses Do More Than Keep the Sun Out

One more marketing angle you can look at is the fact that sunglasses do more than keep the sun out. Maybe some of your customers are not only prolific hat wearers, but they also enjoy a good bike ride. Sunglasses protect the eyes against bugs, airborne debris, and circulating air that could otherwise dry their eyes out. Hats don't do any of that.

It is not that hats are bad. They aren't. But hats are not designed to do the same thing as the wholesale sunglasses we sell. Prolific hat wearers know that instinctively. They might just have to be reminded from time to time.

Rest assured that the wholesale sunglasses you buy from us can benefit prolific hat wearers as much as anyone else. If you are ready to target your messaging to that particular group, you now have some suggestions for how to do it.

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