Its Summer Festival Time Again Are You Planning to Sell

Jun 11, 2024 Olympic Eyewear


It's Summer Festival Time Again – Are You Planning to Sell?

Retail has become incredibly competitive thanks to ecommerce. The most successful entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to sell their wares. This time of year, summer festivals represent a golden opportunity for certain types of products – especially sunglasses for men, women, and children.

Think about it. Summer festivals are held outdoors. They represent an open invitation to sell inexpensive designer sunglasses to singles and families who inadvertently left the house without grabbing their shades. And don't forget the potential customer who lost his sunglasses a few days earlier and hasn't gotten around to replacing them.

Summer is sunglasses season. So wherever you find large gatherings of people in outdoor spaces, you have an opportunity to sell. Go ahead and take advantage of summer festivals in your local area. You could do very well for yourself.

Be Sure to Register Early

One of the keys to maximizing summer festival sales is to get into as many as possible. Think of it this way: you are going to be ordering extra wholesale sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear. You want as many opportunities as you can to move them. The thing is that early registration will work to your advantage.

The most popular festivals fill up quickly. Vendors sometimes find themselves competing for spots. Understand that all festivals limit the number of vendors they invite. So register as early as possible for each and every festival you hope to attend.

Do Your Research

It is also important to research each potential festival to make sure it is a good fit. By and large, most summer festivals held outdoors are appropriate for selling sunglasses. Summer sun plus lots of festival goers equals sales. Still, do your research. On the outside chance there is a festival that wouldn't align well for sunglasses, you don't want to waste your time or money on it.

Presentation Is Critical

It is often said in retail that location is everything. There is a lot of wisdom in that. When it comes to selling at summer festivals though, it's more about presentation than location. Festival goers are constantly bombarded by vendor booths and messaging. Yours needs to stand out, but it also needs to present designer sunglasses in a way customers find appealing.

There are no hard and fast rules for presentation. Our advice is to consider what works best in your normal selling environment. Assuming you sell our wholesale sunglasses in a brick-and-mortar store, try to replicate your most appealing presentation in the festival environment.

You might consider pulling one or two pairs from your most popular brands and using them as display models. People can try them on and look in the mirror. Should they choose to purchase, you will have an ample supply of products that haven't been tried on by dozens of people. Those are the ones you actually sell.

Connect With Other Vendors

It is always a good idea to connect with other vendors at the festival during setup time. Other vendors are a treasure trove of tips. They can be especially helpful to vendors who are new to the particular festival in question. Make those connections. Pick the brains of any vendors willing to offer you advice. Even though they might not deal in wholesale sunglasses themselves, they still know what works for local festivals.

Summer is once again upon us. That means it's summer festival season. If you are looking for a new outlet for the wholesale sunglasses you purchase from Olympic Eyewear, consider selling them at the festivals in your local area. When summer weather brings people outdoors, you have opportunities to sell.

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