Logo-Free Sunglasses: One Strategy for Selling Them

Jun 12, 2024 Olympic Eyewear


Logo-Free Sunglasses: One Strategy for Selling Them

Checking out the 'Trends’ item in the main menu on our website reveals an interesting category of wholesale sunglasses: logo-free sunglasses. These are unbranded products offered completely free of any identifying logos or text. Consider them white label sunglasses, if you will.

Being new to the concept of logo-free sunglasses might make it difficult for you to envision how they can be integrated into your current inventory. How you present them to customers depends heavily on your overall strategy for selling sunglasses. The point of this post is to explain one strategy that seems to work well.

Pricing Is Your Value Proposition

Olympic Eyewear sells wholesale sunglasses for men, women, and children at very competitive prices. We offer low prices so that you have every opportunity to achieve your desired profit margin. Our assumption is that you will still sell at prices lower than what the big brands charge.

There is nothing wrong with this strategy. In fact, pricing is your value proposition. You can give your customers high quality fashion sunglasses that have prices significantly lower than other brands. The products we sell are appealing to your customers for that very reason.

What does all of this have to do with logo-free sunglasses? Think price point again. Remember that in every large group of consumers, there will be those willing to pay more and others insisting on paying less. The second group is the ideal target for logo-free sunglasses.

The Least Expensive Option

It is a safe bet that some of your potential customers are the kinds of people who look to pay as little as possible no matter what they buy. They love generic brands. At the grocery store, they fill their carts mainly with white label and store brands. They buy generic clothes at the department store and bulk items at the wholesale outlet.

Logo-free sunglasses appeal to this type of crowd. A lack of branding is exactly what such customers are looking for in a pair of sunglasses. They still get fashion designs in a variety of colors and styles, but at a fraction of the price. You can give them what they want without compromising quality.

Unbranded products sell best when they are priced lower than branded products. So consider your current pricing structure on the branded sunglasses you purchase from Olympic Eyewear. Then work out a lower price for logo-free sunglasses, a price that will still produce a comfortable profit margin. Selling the lower priced products side-by-side with your standard inventory suddenly makes them attractive to bargain hunters.

It is a Model That Works

If you are not sure whether the strategy will work, pay a visit to any franchise optometry chain. You are likely to see both branded and unbranded frames for sale. The unbranded frames will cost quite a bit less. Note that the chain would not sell these unbranded frames if customers did not want them. That tells the whole story right there.

Perhaps the appeal of logo-free sunglasses is the sense of 'winning' that customers often feel when they make a purchase. They walk away feeling like they put one over on the big-name brands by getting equal quality at a lower price. Work that to your advantage. Help your bargain-seeking customers find exactly what they want at a price that makes them happy.

Our selection of logo-free sunglasses changes from time to time. Be sure to take a look whenever you visit the Olympic Eyewear website to place a new order. And while you are here, check out all our wholesale eyewear categories.

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