Why Being Cautious With Quirky Products Is a Good Idea

Jun 15, 2024 Olympic Eyewear


Why Being Cautious With Quirky Products Is a Good Idea

Browsing Olympic Eyewear's inventory of wholesale sunglasses makes it clear that we do not spend a lot of time focusing on quirky, kitschy, novelty products. One could argue that our most radical product line is our selection of shield sunglasses. But even the shield shape is pretty mainstream.

We take the position that being cautious with quirky products is a good idea. Yes, there are times when novelty sunglasses are appropriate. There are times when they do sell. But it is difficult to build a solid business with growth potential by focusing on quirky, kitschy, novelty products with limited appeal.

Limiting Your Audience

As a company that specializes in bulk sunglasses at wholesale prices, we are constantly aware of the need to meet our audience wherever they are at. Our audience consists of retailers, like you, who want the latest in designer sunglasses that they can be reasonably assured will sell without issue.

You have your own audience to contend with. Focusing mainly on quirky products naturally limits that audience. Quirky products include things like animal-shaped sunglasses, shades with kaleidoscope lenses, and products with frames that are decorated with beads, shells, etc.

Again, there is a time and place for such products. Every time the Olympics roll around, you have a limited opportunity to sell novelty sunglasses designed with the American flag or the Olympic rings in mind. But the window for such products is very narrow. It opens and closes pretty quickly. Trying to build a business exclusively around those particular products will not get you very far.

Daily Use Is Where It's At

None of this should be construed as a warning against all quirky, kitschy, and novelty sunglasses. When they are appropriate, by all means sell them. But concentrating on daily use is where it's at in this business. What types of sunglasses do your customers wear on a daily basis? That's what they expect to find in stock when they visit your store.

Getting back to shield sunglasses briefly, they are about the most quirky thing we sell. The shield design is intended to offer enhanced protection through a larger surface area. Sunglasses in this category can be pretty quirky themselves. Yet shield frames are mainstream.

They are a big hit with athletes. For example, cyclists and skiers love them. So do baseball players and golfers. Even the biker crowd appreciates a good pair of shield sunglasses. They would be an everyday item for someone whose main mode of transportation is a motorcycle.

Watch, Listen, and Ask

This entire discussion leads back to the premise of knowing your audience. The more intimately you know the customers you sell to, the easier it is to stock the products they intend to buy. The key is to watch, listen, and ask.

Keep an eye on the latest trends in sunglasses. They will help inform your short-term purchase decisions. Listen to what your customers are saying in person and online. You can even ask them what they think by way of surveys, polls, and face-to-face conversations.

Gathering as much information as possible puts you in a better position to meet customer needs. When it comes time to place your next order for wholesale sunglasses, you will know what to buy because you understand your customers.

That understanding dictates caution when it comes to quirky products. There is a time and place for novelty sunglasses in odd shapes and styles. But if you want to build a solid business with growth potential, stick with the sunglasses people are likely to use on a daily basis.

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