Sports Fundraisers: Sell Sports Sunglasses as Fundraising Products

Apr 11, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Anyone involved in team sports knows that at one point, fundraising is going to be needed to get the team to where it needs to be. Raising funds is often necessary, rather it be to pay for travel, uniforms, team apparel, equipment, group dinners or tournament entry. When planning to fundraise for a school or club sports team, there are several options to choose from — but all are not created equal.

As you consider sports fundraising ideas, it's important to pick something that will provide maximum return with little investment. You want to provide buyers something valuable, no matter who they are. Put sunglasses at the top of your list of options. Selling sport shades as a fundraiser for sports teams is a home run. See below for just a few reasons why.

It's a Unique Sports Fundraising Idea

When holding a sports fundraiser, it helps to do something original or out of the ordinary. It seems like every team, club and group has car washes or sells candy to raise money, which don't stand out. If you do something different, like sell sunglasses, you may get more interest from the crowd.

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It's Selling a Fundraising Product People Will Actually Use

Eye protection is critical. Any time you go outside, you should consider wearing a pair of sunglasses. For those who are active outdoors, sport sunglasses are the best solution for comfort, UV blocking, and performance. For this reason, holding a sunglasses fundraiser can be especially successful at the following:

  • Outdoor games: Sell sunglasses to the crowd before a game. If the team is playing outside, there's a good chance viewers will be squinting to see the competition. By providing shades to fans, you are not only giving them a way to support the team, but also solving a problem they are currently facing.
  • Sporting events or music festivals: Many events take place outdoors, but not every attendee or participant thinks about bringing sunglasses. Set up a booth at a concert or outdoor athletic event (5K runs, charity walks, obstacle courses, etc.) and sell shades to relieve the eye strain of those who came unprepared. This sports fundraising idea brings in money for your team while giving buyers something they can use right then and there.
  • Outside sporting goods stores: People shopping at sport stores are likely getting equipment for their favorite game. Sporting goods stores don't generally have sports sunglasses, but many games are played outside, and numerous athletes need sunglasses to perform at their highest level. Set up a table outside the door at one of these retailers and offer up an important accessory to accompany the equipment just purchased inside the store.

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It's a Sports Fundraiser with Mass Appeal

Selling candy or baked goods as a fundraiser for sports teams can limit your potential income. With health-focused trends everywhere you look, selling sweets may not appeal to a large crowd. When you have a sunglasses fundraiser, however, your product will attract everyone. Because every person can use a pair of sunglasses and most people have multiple pairs, you are selling something they would buy anyway. Why would someone purchase from a store when they can buy from you and get what they need, all while supporting a cause?

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It's Easy to set up a Sunglasses Fundraiser

The logistics of selling sunglasses as a sports fundraiser are simple and require a small investment. To buy sunglasses in bulk at inexpensive rates, order from an online wholesale retailer, such as Olympic Eyewear. This allows you to get a variety sunglasses at once, making it easy to provide a wide selection of styles to meet everyone's taste. You can purchase bulk shades at wholesale prices and then sell them for retail prices to get your money back, plus make a profit. Although it requires a small cost up front, having sunglasses fundraisers can earn a lot for a sports team.

Before planning your next fundraiser, consider the benefits of selling sunglasses. If you buy in bulk from Olympic Eyewear, you can get sports sunglasses for men, women, and kids at a great deal and have them delivered directly to you. It’s an easy, quick and hassle-free way to raise funds for a sports team.

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