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How to Display Your Wholesale Sunglasses for Better Sales

Mar 28, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Selling wholesale sunglasses at flea markets, concerts and other highly trafficked events is a great way to create a mini business for yourself. You can buy fashion shades inexpensively in bulk and sell them for market value as a side job to supplement your income. But if you are only selling a few of the pairs you buy, it may not be worth your time. Fortunately, making sales is easier if you have the right sunglasses display.

It may seem like a minor consideration, but how you present your products can highly impact how many are sold. If potential customers aren't drawn in to your eyewear display just by seeing it, they won't even be able to consider making a purchase, and you will have to watch several prospective sales just walk by your booth. Your presentation needs to be organized, include a variety of style options, and display sunglasses clearly and cleanly. If you follow a few basic tips when setting up your booth or table, you can increase sales just by getting more people to stop and look.

finding the perfect pair

Hang at Least One Mirror

Although UV protection is important, most people buy sunglasses based on the way they look. The average shopper will probably not buy a pair without trying it on first and seeing how it compliments their face. For this reason, every sunglasses display needs at least one mirror. Having multiple is ideal, as it allows more than one person to review a pair without having to wait for someone else to finish. Any time spent waiting when shopping risks the person losing interest and moving on to the next stand.

Use a Tabletop Display Rack

Since most pop-up booths and event stands usually come with a table but don't have a ton of room, investing in tabletop racks for sunglass displays is a great idea. These hold multiple pairs in an organized and spaced out manner, and usually spin to allow a customer to easily view all available options. Adding convenience and visibility to your sunglasses display will make finding the right pair easier.

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Show Designer Brand Names

Most people will choose a pair of glasses based on whether the shape and size highlight their facial features, but brand names and popular fashions also often play a role in the decision-making process. Consumers don't want to just look good in their sunglasses, they want to be on-trend. Certain designer brands and styles are more popular than others, so make sure your eyewear display includes current fashions. If you have a few pairs from a well-known designer, put those front and center to catch eyes right away. You might also want to have signs posted listing the brands you carry, as people are often loyal to a specific one. When you don't have top designer fashions in your selection, single out the trendiest looks with a spotlight or separate sunglass display.

young friends enjoying a day at beach

Have Images of Sunglasses in Use

To give shoppers a preview of what they can do in their new sunglasses, post pictures of people wearing your shades in different settings. For example, if you have a sports sunglasses rack, put a picture of a biker or tennis player next to it to show the exciting lifestyle opportunities someone can enjoy when they have those shades. Or, for your more glamorous customers, put pictures of people enjoying themselves on the beach or driving in a fancy convertible. Suggesting a pair of sunglasses is the perfect complement to desirable experiences can help a customer envision him or herself wearing them and looking as cool as the people in the photos.

When starting a small business venture selling wholesale shades, your sunglasses display needs to be a top consideration. If no one is interested in viewing your products, no one will be interested in buying them either. Grab customer attention with fashionable designs, an organized arrangement, and the ability to try on and see the sunglasses in use. To get a variety of high quality style and brand options to include in your eyewear display, buy fashion wholesale sunglasses in bulk from Olympic Eyewear. We have designs for men, women, children and athletes, as well as accessories, and even offer extra discounts on select sale items.

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