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Do's and Don'ts of Etiquette: Bulk Sunglasses for Women

Oct 21, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are among one of the most popular women's accessories. More than simply protecting baby blues from harmful UV rays, they are also a fashion statement that reflects personality and unique style. For business, it is important to follow several bulk sunglasses for women etiquette rules.

  • What are the rules for removing sunglasses when conducting business? It is professional for business associates to be able to make eye contact, as this is a very important part of successful communication. If eating lunch outdoors, select a shady area where sunglasses are easy to remove, which helps to ensure that all parties are comfortable.
  • Should bulk sunglasses for women reflect a certain level of professionalism? While some colors, such as neon block-style colors, may look sensational in a tropical paradise, perfectly accompanying a fun summer dress and flip-flops – these styles should be avoided in professional settings. The same is true for sports style bulk sunglasses that are better outdoors than in professional work environments. Women should opt for classic black or an upscale tortoiseshell print for the ultimate professional work accessory attire.
  • Is it ever acceptable to use sunglasses as a mirror? The answer to this question is simple: it is never acceptable to use another person's polarized sunglasses as a mirror. If taking time to check teeth, hair or apply lipstick, it will be obvious to the other person what is happening. These actions translate to complete unprofessionalism.
  • Should sunglasses be removed indoors? Unless people suffer from a medical condition that requires sunglasses to be worn inside, such as when having eyes dilated, etc., it is important to remove sunglasses in public indoor places. If sunglasses are required for a medical condition, simply offer apologies and explain it is medically related.
  • What are proper cleaning habits for bulk sunglasses? Sunglasses are the first accessories someone sees. It is important to keep them in good conditions. If sunglasses are bent or the lenses are scratched, consider purchasing a new pair of wholesale sunglasses for women.
  • Should sunglasses ever be worn as hair accessories? The answer to this question is, "No." When quickly running errands, it's acceptable to wear sunglasses perched atop the head, but if at work or in a professional environment, it's best to remove them and neatly tuck them into a purse.
  • Always remember the practicality of sunglasses. Sunglasses' primary purpose is to help protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Never sacrifice protection for style.
  • What should someone do in circumstances that are not discussed in this article? If someone is in doubt about whether or not it is appropriate to wear designer wholesale sunglasses for women in a professional setting, it is best to be safe and remove them.
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