What types of sunglasses for round faces?

Oct 26, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers several helpful tips for determining facial shape. This article focuses mainly on selecting the right style of bulk sunglasses for round faces.

  • Measurements – For accurate results, it is best to measure faces to determine specific facial shapes.
    • Cheekbone-to-Cheekbone – Place the end of the tape measure just below the eye, right on top of the cheekbone. Measure both sides and document measurements.
    • Jaw Line – To measure the jaw line, locate the end of the jawbone by feeling below the ears. Measure from one jawbone to the other, wrapping the tape measure around the bottom of the face and chin. Document this measurement.
    • Face Length – To determine facial shape it is also necessary to measure the length of the face. Find the center of the hairline. Measuring straight down, measure this area over the front of the nose to the very bottom of the chin. Write down this measurement as well.
    • Forehead Width – To measure the forehead, place the tape measure from one side of the hairline to the other. The tape measure should center halfway between the top of the hairline and the eyebrows. Document this number.
  • Facial Shape – To help determine facial shape, in this case with a focus on sunglasses for round faces, look for curves with less defined angular features. The ideal style of wholesale sunglasses for round faces includes those that feature minimal curves, but focus on emphasizing sharp, angular lines that actually help make the face appear longer, sharper and thinner. These types of wholesale designer sunglasses for round faces includes styles that fit higher on the temple and includes colorful, bright frames and the following shapes: square, rectangle, shield-style and wraparound sunglasses.

Square wholesale sunglasses for round faces help to create more contrasting angles and also offer the benefit of a larger lens area, which provides more UV protection.

Wayfarer sunglasses are also timeless, looking good on nearly any facial shape. Featuring an angular design, Wayfarers are the perfect lightweight frames, which makes them an excellent choice for aerodynamic activities, such as for athletic events.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide selection of sunglasses for round faces. These styles are very common, which makes it even easier for resellers to resell these popular wholesale brands. There are many stores that benefit from carrying sunglasses that appeal to people with round faces, including department stores, convenience stores, boutiques, sports accessory stores, outdoor equipment stores and many other brand retailers.

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