Trend Report: Sales for Bulk Sunglasses

Oct 26, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


This summer reported continued bulk sunglasses' sales success. Sunglasses continue to demonstrate their ability to merge function and fashion across both men's and women's markets. According to The NPD Group, the U.S. sunglasses market grew two-percent over 2015, rounding out at an astounding $4 billion in 12 months, which ended in June 2015. This has followed consistent increases over the past few years. Millennials, Baby Boomers, men and women have all continued to help boost sunglasses' sales.

The strong performances among males' age 45 to 54 and women ages 25 to 34 are offsetting other groups, including males age 24 to 34 and women age 18 to 24.

Sunglasses continue to be a moneymaking accessories marketing, offering something for everyone. The Millennial generation is spending more money on fashion and whole sale sunglasses than any other group. This fashion-focused age group focuses on sporty, popular options.

Men are beginning to spend more on wholesale sunglasses, which are increasing at a rate that is far greater than women are. Men's fashion sunglasses are going up into the double digits, with sport sunglasses, such as X-Loop sunglasses among the most popular brands. Popular features among men include spring hinges, scratch resistance and polarization.

Women seem more focused on fashion designer wholesale sunglasses, which account for nearly 56-percent of this 2.5 billion industry. Men generally purchase most of the mirrored sunglasses segment, but women are increasingly embracing this fashionable sunglass trend as well. In fact, women have spent nearly double on mirrored sunglasses over the past year.

Capturing the men's sunglasses market has been easy, but appealing to today's female consumers has been a far more challenging experience.

Overall, sunglasses make everyone more attractive and better looking. This is in part because symmetry is more appealing and it softens chiseled bone features. Sunglasses also add an air of mystery and helps people shield their judgments from others.

Sunglasses are synonymously associated with old Hollywood glamour, which is something that sunglass wearers are always longing to achieve – an air of mystery.

Sunglass sales are not expected to decrease anytime soon, which gives retailers an advantage in today's economic market.

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