Travelers Take Note: Top Places Not to Wear or Wear Sunglasses

Oct 21, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


There are many places not to wear sunglasses. Unfortunately, travelers have had to learn the hard way. To save travelers time and money, Olympic Eyewear offers helpful tips.

  • Never Travel inside an Airport with Sunglasses – Wearing sunglasses inside an airport can easily lead to mistaken identity. Just like a spy novel, security personnel can assume that someone is a fleeing fugitive attempting to hide their identity. This can lead to an arrest and missing a flight. Instead, pack away sunglasses in the carry on and follow the general rule about not wearing sunglasses inside.
  • Border Crossings – Always remove sunglasses at border crossings when border patrol agents are analyzing passports. If not, this can lead to a vehicle search, which is a long, arduous and lengthy process. As a side note, border agents are not required to put vehicles back together, which can leave travelers with a mess.
  • Mexico's Banks – Never enter a bank in Mexico with sunglass. Several travelers have reported being tackled and treated as a bank robber. Trust us, leave the bulk sunglasses behind and complete the bank transaction in peace.
  • Egypt – Making eye contact in Egypt is considered flirtatious for women, so it is best to dawn sunglasses and not stand out.
  • Bahrain – Bahrain is the same as Egypt. Sunglasses make it easy to avoid eye contact and any confrontations.
  • Morocco – To help women from standing out as tourists, many travelers have reported that wearing sunglasses helped improve their trips.
  • Manila – It is illegal to wear sunglasses inside malls.
  • South Korea – ATM cash machines are fitted with facial recognition devices, which make it illegal to wear sunglasses or hats.
  • Schools – Some schools in the U.S. have banned cellular phones and sunglasses.

Many U.S. stores are also requiring people to remove their sunglasses when checking identification. This includes pharmacies, doctor offices, grocery store clerks, banks and many more institutions.

Olympic Eyewear believes in notifying customers about these laws, which can help protect them from being detained and facing law enforcement issues.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide selection of whole sale sunglasses, including offering popular brands, such as X-Loop sunglasses and Wayfarer sunglasses. These popular models are among this year's best sellers and offer high-rated UV protection.

They also offer wholesale sunglasses cases, which makes it easy for travelers to protect their sunglasses when entering a country or area that prohibits wearing sunglasses. These designer sunglasses are sure to turn heads, but when visiting foreign countries, it is always best to honor their traditions and follow their legal rules.

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