Selecting Sunglasses for Face Shape

Jul 13, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Not all faces are made equal. As unjust as this may seem, the shape of your face determines how well a pair of sunglasses will fit. Some simple guidelines can help customers look for, and select, the best options for themselves. And having a diverse collection of cheap wholesale sunglasses of various shapes and build can ensure that your customers will find something that suits them. Here is a guide that can help you to understand face shape and the appropriate matching pair of sunglasses.

Square-shaped faces (ex. Demi Moore) need something to soften the straight angular lines of the face. Oval or round frames, or frames with curves can help to diminish the lines of the face. For this same reason, you will want to avoid square frames, which would have the opposite effect. Check out the curvaceous models of these VG sunglasses.

Round-shaped faces (ex. Christina Ricci) need shades that will help elongate the face. You need to avoid small and round glasses, and instead hunt for straight, angular, or rectangular frames to add sharpness. Top-heavy sunglasses will also give length to the face. Try these angular wayfarer sunglasses or this collection of Biohazard sunglasses.

Triangular-shaped faces (ex. Renee Zellweger) are narrow at the forehead and broad at the jaw area, so you want to search for top-heavy frames that balance the narrow forehead and avoid frames that tend to make the jaw look wider.

Heart-shaped faces (ex. Jennifer Aniston) are the opposite of triangular-shaped faces; they exhibit wide foreheads and narrow jaw and chin area. For this kind of face, you need shades that will broaden the lower area while balancing off the width of the forehead. Bottom-heavy frames are a good choice, as well as frames with round edges.

Oval-shaped faces (ex. Beyoncé Knowles) are considered to have the perfect balance of proportions and symmetry that will make virtually any type of frame work. People with oval faces can experiment with any kind of sunglasses they desire.

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