Olympic Eyewear Highlights the Top Fall and Winter Eyewear Trends for 2015 and 2016 Part 2 of 2

Nov 09, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


This two-part article highlights the latest sunglass trends for this fall and winter. Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory that highlights any outfit for men or women.

  • Ombré Lenses – Some trends highlight clear, dark or rainbow color lenses, but others are bringing back the ombré look. These styles start with a dark top and end with a light bottom. These are practical for a variety of uses. They help deflect glare in bright, outdoor areas, while making it easier to read when looking down. Ombré lenses also add dimension and depth to designer wholesale sunglasses. Ombré lenses match their frames, albeit aviators, cat eye, square shape or Wayfarer sunglasses.
  • Eclectic Shapes – Eclectic shape sunglasses include retro, classic or futuristic. These may also feature octagonal, circular, square or other fun shapes. Some fashion designers are incorporating bold accents, such as pink flowers, bear shapes, heart shapes and much more. These are completely original, eye-catching and sure to turn heads.
  • Gray Frames – One of the most popular frame colors this upcoming season are gray frames with different color lenses. These gray frames' lenses match this season's most popular color trends, which include stormy gray, khaki, bay blue, cashmere rose, dark blue, yellow oak buff, marsala, cadmium orange, desert sage, amethyst orchid, timeless black, classic red, metallic silver, stark white and creams, powdery pastels, bold bright colors and brown.
  • Matching Frames – The matching clothes and accessories look is back in. Matching a blazer or vest to a pair of wholesale designer sunglasses has never been hotter. This also means that people will be purchasing several pairs of sunglasses to go with every type and color of outfit! Red sunglasses look sensational with a red dress and yellow sunglasses pair well with a bright yellow coat. Mix and match marble or multi-color designs with fun styles for a unique look.
  • Marble Frames and Embellishments – Sometimes it does not matter the size of the wholesale sunglasses, but the color, texture and print. Some sunglasses look best with monochromic print, while others look superb with a marble design, leopard print, fire ember design or silver leaf filigree.
  • Aviator Sunglasses – Always in style, aviators have received a facelift this upcoming season to reveal leopard prints, bold and bright colors, and even marble frames. Still a classic, these bulk sunglasses are a bestseller among both men and women.
  • Colorful Sunglasses – Colorful sunglasses are making waves on runways. Models and celebrities alike are wearing bright red, green and dark chocolate brown hues. Some designers are even incorporating monochromic and rainbow color schemes into their sunglasses' lines.
  • Sunglasses that Glimmer – Rhinestone and glimmer accessories are extremely popular this season. Adding a beautiful shimmer to any facial shape and color tone, these soft accents add a minimalist, yet brightening effect.

Sunglasses have never been more popular and Olympic Eyewear carries the latest seasonal trend to ensure that retailers are well stocked for this fall and winter.

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