Buyer's Guide: Golfing Sunglasses

Dec 16, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


The latest golfing sunglasses have helped transform this club driven sport. Not only do sunglasses make golfers exude sophistication and charm, but also they help improve their games.

With lower par scores, the latest sports styles offer 180-degree vision clarity. These wraparound styles allow golfers to view the entire course in one sweep. This means that on the putting green, there's no tilting heads to accommodate lines of vision. With a single line of vision, the putt is clearly visible.

Golfers should never have to look down and have the rim of the sunglasses get in their fields of vision. This is why rimless styles are beneficial. A wraparound style allows golfers to play naturally, without having to move their heads vertically or horizontally to gain extra sight.

Lens performance is another issue in sports-related sunglasses. Lens performance simply means that vision is enhanced. Polarized lenses are not necessarily better for golfing activities. In fact, polarized lenses actually flatten out surfaces, which can make it more difficult for golfers to effectively analyze terrains. The sport of golf requires effectively judging distances and reading greens. Without the ability to distinguish terrain variations and slopes, golf is nearly impossible.

What should consumers consider when purchasing sunglasses for golfing?

  • Fit – It's important that sunglasses offer a comfortable fit. They shouldn't continually slip in humid conditions. The bottom line is that uncomfortable sunglasses tend to sit in a drawer and not be used. It's best to select a pair of sunglasses that are classic, functional and designed for sports outings.
  • Function – Because golf courses have high sunrays and UV rays, it's important to have lenses that help enhance vision, while not darkening vision to the point where objects are too dark. Darker is not necessarily better, but having proper UV protection is.
  • Attractive – If sunglasses don't look good on people, they are less apt to wear them. While the design and style shouldn't be the most important factor when purchasing golfing sunglasses, if people don't purchase a style they like, they often leave them behind.
  • Cost – For people that are prone to losing sunglasses, it's best to have a pair that is easy to replace.

Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of sport-style sunglasses, including wholesale designer sunglasses. Their popular sport styles include X-Loop sunglasses, Choppers sunglasses and Oxigen sunglasses.

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