Bulk Sunglasses: The Essential Year-Round Accessory

Dec 25, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Most people recognize that summertime calls for bulk sunglasses accessories. However, doctors urge the public to understand that sunglasses are year-round accessories that help to decrease eye damage. Wintertime may be cold, with temperatures dipping below freezing in most places, however, on clear days, the sun's UVA and UVB rays do not take a break. These ultraviolet rays still exist in the winter and can post just as much damage to eyes' safety.

Most people find themselves squinting in the snow, as the sun especially has a harmful glare off bright white surfaces. This is a concern for people that vacation in snow-covered areas, participate in snow sports or even live in the mountains. It is important that anyone participating in outdoor activities – even hunters – invest in a comfortable pair of sunglasses that offers complete shield reflection from harmful sunrays.

Not only do people have to pay attention to UV quality, but also shape, color and style. Some sunglasses are better for winter sports, while others are preferable for water sports. Anti-reflective coatings are recommended to help minimize glare, which can help increase focus and reduce squinting. Gradient lenses are tinted at the top, gradually reducing the tint color towards the bottom. These are best to shield eyes from overhead sun, which makes them exceptionally useful for driving.

Another option is buying a single pair of durable sunglasses for year-round wear. This might be a slightly more expensive option up front, but can save money later on. For people that wear contact lenses, winter's cold winds can actually prematurely dry out lenses, which is why many doctors recommend that contact lens wears try wearing sunglasses on a regular basis. This also helps to minimize squinting and helps provide a clearer environment. Some people prefer to wear dark lenses on sunny days, clear or red lenses on cloudy days and light lenses on gray days, as lens colors plays a significant role in eye sight and clarity.

Instead of simply looking for the latest wholesale designer sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear recommends that retailers consider brands that ophthalmologists would endorse, such as those types that shield eyes from harmful UV rays. Sporty sunglass styles and brands include X-Loop sunglasses, which are often found on the slopes with skiers and snowboarders in the winter.

Additionally, to help prevent dry eyes, doctors recommend wearing the correct type of eye protection, which helps keep dry eyes comfortable. This also includes remembering children, as getting them used to wearing sunglasses at a young age is important and can help prolong their eyesight, while limiting their exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays at a young age.

Taking care of baby blues is a year-round process, not one that should only be taken into consideration in the summer months. Olympic Eyewear understands the importance of selling sunglasses in bulk, which allows retailers to focus on selling wholesale sunglasses by the dozen.

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