2014 Sunglasses Trends

May 04, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


A favorite accessory, sunglasses offer both protection and fashionable style. The following highlights anticipated sunglasses trends this upcoming spring and summer of 2014.

  • 1970s Throwback – With Instagram's retro color tones gaining significant popularity, more wholesale sunglasses designers are focusing on creating rosy-tinted or gold-tinted lenses. The latter adds a splash of sepia tones to any photograph. Wood-style frames and classic tortoise prints are expected to make significant comebacks this season.
  • Nerdy – Popularized in the 1950s, nerdy glasses are being transformed into chic, trendy sunglasses designs. These classic angular designs feature neutral colors and include a range of out-of-this-world geometric shapes. This nerd or mathematical style focuses on emphasizing the brow bar, giving sunglasses an industrial architecture that is sure to garnish attention and nods. Matte, flat-style finishes are also replacing high gloss tones, giving sunglasses a mod sophistication. This traditional style also embraces monochromatic tones, such as black and white patterns. Adding sophistication and style to this standard scientific-style frame, Hollywood stars can't get enough of this geometric fashion. Think "Revenge of the Nerds" meets "Vogue."
  • Blue – This season is all about incorporating bold teals, blues and turquoise hues into fashionable accessories. Whether it's embracing an oceanic theme or simply dawning a pair of royal blue Wayfarer sunglasses, blue has never been hotter.
  • Floral – With a return to Victorian simplicity, sunglasses' designers are embracing unique foliage and floral prints. Whether it's adding floral embellishments or sparkly dewdrop rhinestones, designers are reinventing this classic pattern, adding chic pizzazz with vibrant pinks and earth-tone greens.

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