Why the 2024 Summer Games Should Be On Your Marketing Radar

Jun 07, 2024 Olympic Eyewear


Some of the most successful businesses in the world owe much of their success to marketing. Marketing isn't everything, but it's a big part of the equation in retail sunglasses. It is with that in mind that we recommend using the 2024 Summer Games to your advantage. The Olympics could be the foundation of one of the strongest summer sale seasons you have had in a while.

The first thing you should know is that the Paris Olympic Games begin on July 26 and run through August 11. At the time of this writing, this means you have only 80 days before the games start. Now is the time to begin strategizing your Olympic-themed marketing campaigns. Be ready to implement them in late June or early July.

Outdoor Sports Are the Bomb

For the purposes of marketing designer sunglasses, what you are most interested in are the outdoor sports. They are the bomb, as it were. Your customers are going to see swimmers, cyclists, rowers, beach volleyball players, and even surfers competing on the world's biggest stage. How many of them will be wearing sunglasses during the competition? How many will be wearing them during their post-event interviews?

Remember that consumers emulate their heroes. If a gold medal winner is seen on TV sporting the latest pair of wraparound sunglasses for men or women, you can bet a bunch of people are going to go out and buy the same types of sunglasses for themselves.

Wraparound sunglasses should be among your best sellers during the Olympic games. Be sure to have a good selection in stock. Have them in a variety of colors and styles, along with choices for men, women, and children.

Run a Special Promotion

Just the fact that people will be seeing their favorite sports heroes wearing sunglasses on TV should help your sales. But do not rely exclusively on that. Consider running a special promotion or two. Of course, we have ideas.

You could run a special promo that offers a certain discount for every gold medal won by an American athlete. You could do something similar by awarding points for all three medal categories – gold, silver, and bronze. The points add up to a discount applied to new purchases.

If you sell exclusively online, you could come up with a special Olympics promo code. People enter the code at checkout and receive a discount. You could even change your promo codes daily based on how the athletes perform in the field.

Place Your Orders Today

As always, those of us in the eyewear industry need to think ahead. The Summer Olympics are only 80 days away at this point. That means you cannot wait to order bulk sunglasses from Olympic eyewear. You need to have a good supply on hand in the weeks leading up to the start of the Summer Games.

We recommend taking a good look at two types of wholesale sunglasses we carry: wraparounds and USA flag sunglasses. We suggest the latter simply because the Olympics tend to lead to a temporary surge in patriotism. It won't hurt that the games start just a few weeks after our Independence Day holiday.

If you have any questions about any of the bulk sunglasses you see on our website, do not be afraid to ask. Here at Olympic Eyewear, our success depends on your success. We are happy to answer questions about products, shipping, and anything else. Also note that we offer free shipping on orders of at least $300 along with discounts on bulk orders of a certain volume.

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