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Wholesale Sunglasses Create Better Price Margins

Feb 20, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


Regular Olympic Eyewear customers know that we are not afraid to say we offer men's and women's wholesale sunglasses at affordable prices. We take great pride in being able to supply our customers with inventory that will not break the bank. As a retailer, we hope you have the same mindset. We hope you are not afraid to take advantage of your low prices and good margins.

What do we mean by this? Among the many advantages you have via purchasing wholesale bulk sunglasses from us is the ability to offer incredibly competitive prices without harming your profit. You can sell for less because we sell for less. There are plenty of retail buyers out there who want that advantage. Do not be afraid to market to them.

Artificially Expensive Sunglasses

Eyewear is among the most curious of all retail subsets. It is curious in the sense that certain brands can be artificially expensive, and it doesn't matter to those consumers who can afford them. This can create anxiety in the minds of retailers who specialize in less expensive products. It is almost as if they are ashamed of the fact that their sunglasses don't cost as much.

Speaking of costly sunglasses, have you heard about the new designer sunglasses from Bugatti? No, the automaker hasn't suddenly gotten into the eyewear game. They are simply lending their name and brand in exchange for a share of the profits. The new Bugatti sunglasses start at just under $1,300. The most expensive models in the line carry a $15,000 price tag.

We are not against this sort of thing by any means. If your customers want expensive sunglasses and can afford to buy them, by all means, sell them. But the vast majority of American consumers are looking to spend considerably less. This is where you have the advantage.

Market to the Savings Mindset

Because you buy your men's and women's wholesale sunglasses from us, you are in the perfect position to target consumers on a budget. You are also in a perfect position to market to the savings mindset. Right now, while so many people are struggling financially, the savings mindset is the way to go.

Market the idea that saving money is good. Remind your customers just how important UV protection is, but also that they don't have to spend a small fortune to get it. They can protect their eyes with a good pair of quality designer sunglasses that fit well within their budgets.

People want to save money right now. They are looking for deals whenever they can. Give them a great product at a great price and you'll have the opportunity to turn each and every first-time buyer into a long-term customer. When it comes to sunglasses, the long term is what you are after. You want as many repeat customers as you can get.

We Have the Quality You Need in Wholesale Sunglasses

One last thing we want to remind you of is the fact that offering sunglasses for less doesn't mean giving your customers inferior products. On the contrary, our inventory is loaded with high-quality sunglasses more than capable of competing with expensive brands. We give you the same quality and good looks at a lower price.

It would be nice if we all had the money to purchase a pair of $1,300 sunglasses. Even being able to afford several hundred dollars would be nice. But most consumers are not in the high-end market. They want more reasonably priced sunglasses. Reasonable prices are your advantage. Do not be afraid to take advantage of those prices to market your products.

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