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What's My Face Shape? Part 2 of 2

Jun 01, 2016 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear shares helpful tips for determining the right types of bulk sunglasses to compliment face shapes.

Choose wholesale sunglasses that complement the shape of your face. In general, frames add the most visual interest and look the least cartoonish when they are a contrast from your natural features, which means that most rounded faces look best with more angled glasses, while more angled faces look best with more rounded glasses.

Soft, round faces look best with designer wholesale sunglasses that have hard angles, like square or rectangular frames. These tend to make the face look longer and break up the softness of the face. If you have a very full face, you might consider horizontal rectangles, which make the face appear thinner.

Square and rectangle faces look nice with frames that balance the hard lines of the face, so look for round or oval frames. To minimize the appearance of a very heavy jaw line, look for a frame that has a thin, delicate frame (made of wire and in a color similar to your skin tone) so that you don't add more bulk to your face. The glasses should be slightly wider than your cheekbones to fit the face properly.

Heart-shaped faces usually look nice with frames that are wider on the bottom or have some kind of detail on the lower half of the frames. Be sure that the frames are slightly wider than the forehead for a proper fit.

Triangular faces look great with glasses that emphasize the top half of the frame, like half-rimmed glasses or cat-eye glasses, or two-toned frames with darker tops and lighter bottoms. Since triangular faces tend to have strong jaws, be sure that the frames are slightly wider than your jaw to balance it out.

Oblong faces look better with round or curved frames, which take away from the length of the face and emphasize the width. Pick frames with the upper and lower rims of the frame equal in shape. This breaks up the length of the face. Also, choose frames that have a low bridge, which shortens the nose.

Oval faces look great in any type of frame, so choose something that fits your personality. You can play with colors and styles to fit your mood, and you can feel confident in trying out the latest fashion or go with a classic frame to ensure it will stay in style longer.

Choose a whole sale sunglasses frame size that complements your face size. Faces come in all sizes, and glasses should sit in the right position and be the right proportion to the rest of your face in order to avoid distracting from your appearance or obstructing the rest of your face.

Just like Goldilocks, be sure your frames are neither too large nor too small but just right! Glasses that are too big for your features and for your overall face size will overwhelm your appearance and look cartoonish. Glasses that are too small can look out of date or draw attention.

The top of the frames should follow underneath the curve of the eyebrows. For the most part, most people look best if you can see their eyebrows easily above the frames; otherwise your facial expressions will be obscured.

Choose a color of frame that complements you. Depending on your skin, eye, and hair color, different colors of frames may look better on you and bring out your features.

Determine if you have a cool or warm tone to your skin. If you have a cool skin tone (epitomized by blue eyes, pale skin, and blue veins in the skin), a frame in a cool color will complement your coloring best. Cool colors include silver and jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. If you have a warm skin tone (epitomized by brown eyes, tanned skin, and green veins), then you might look best in warm colored frames. Warm colors include gold and earth tones like beige, orange, yellow, and mustard. Neutral skin tones can pull of frames in any color.

All information is copied from http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-the-Right-Eyeglass-Frames-for-Your-Face

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