What Your Customers Want When Looking for Hiking Sunglasses

Sep 14, 2021 Olympic Eyewear


We have reached that time of year when long summer days spent soaking up the sun on a sandy beach are giving way to hiking trips in the mountains and along nature trails. As such, now is also the time that your customers will start looking for new pair of sunglasses for hiking. But what are they actually looking for?

Run a quick internet search on 'hiking sunglasses' and take a look at what comes up. You'll see the obligatory suggestions for matching hiking sunglasses with fall and winter colors. But as a wholesaler of designer sunglasses, we urge you not to focus exclusively on fashion or style.

Your customers are looking for a particular type of eyewear for hiking. If they were not, they would not be interested in a separate pair of shades for taking hikes. They would wear the same shades they wore to the beach over the summer. No, they want something different.

Complete UV Protection

Complete UV protection is a given no matter what season your customers are buying for. However, some of your customers might confuse UV protection with dark lenses. You know those are two entirely separate issues. The difficulty this time of year is going hiking with dark colored sunglasses that don't offer enough UV protection.

Dark sunglasses naturally cause the pupils to dilate in search of more light. The body's natural response is only heightened during shorter fall and winter days when the sun isn't as high. Therefore, dark lenses without adequate UV protection can actually be harmful on fall hikes. Above all, make sure you are offering your customers products with UV 400 protection.

Polarized Lenses

Hikers are among those demographic groups that appreciate polarized lenses. The sun can do funny things reflecting off a mountain lake or a fast-running stream. Even sun peeking out from behind hills or puffy clouds make it difficult to see when you're hiking. What is the solution? Polarized lenses.

Solid Frames

Hikers engage in what is usually considered a more rugged activity than lounging around on the beach. This suggests that your fall and winter inventory of designer sunglasses should include models with solid frames. Wood frames are a good option, as are heavier plastic frames with a little extra width and thickness.

The idea here is to give your customers sunglasses that will not be easily damaged if they are dropped on the trail. You want to give them sunglasses that are as rugged as they are. From their perspective, solid frames are more rugged than thinner, less bulky frames.

A Snug Fit

Finally, though there isn't really anything you can do about this last point in terms of ordering fall and winter inventory, your customers who prefer hiking will want sunglasses that offer a fairly snug fit. They do not want to drop their shades on the long ascent to their favorite mountain peak, or on the way back down for that matter.

Getting the right fit is where letting your customers try sunglasses on for size comes in handy. Online sales have their merits, but they are no substitute for trying on a pair of sunglasses in the store. Expect hikers to do just that. They want sunglasses they know will fit well and stay in place at all times.

As always, feel free to browse our entire selection of wholesale men's and women's sunglasses. Regardless of who makes up your primary customer base, we have something for everyone. Count on us for affordable wayfarers, aviators, cat eyes, and every other shape you want – all at wholesale prices.

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