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Helpful Things to Remember During the Holiday Sales Season

Nov 10, 2022 Olympic Eyewear


By this time, we suspect you are already well into implementing your holiday sales plans. You have special promos set up, you are looking to grow your email newsletter list, and you have themed your store or website to take advantage of the holidays. You're on the right track. Now we want to share a few more thoughts on holiday sales as they pertain to wholesale sunglasses and designer eyewear.

As one of America's leading wholesalers of bulk designer sunglasses, we know how easy it is for retailers to convince themselves that sunglasses only sell during the summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. They sell in the winter months, too. Designer sunglasses make perfect holiday gifts as well. So if anything, you should see a pretty good jump in sales at this time of year.

Keep Your Message Positive

The first thing we should probably mention is the importance of keeping your marketing messages mostly positive. This doesn't mean you can't say anything negative. But if you do choose to say something negative, turn it around with a positive note.

You might want to write a blog post discussing how sunglasses protect the eyes even on cloudy and overcast days. Perhaps the post starts with discussing how winter in your neck of the woods tends to be gloomy. That's not a problem. Just be sure to follow up with the positive aspects of wearing sunglasses even under overcast skies.

Also do not be afraid to go overboard on the positive messaging. Remind your customers about the health benefits of your designer eyewear. Talk about style and fashion. Mention how you can sell designer sunglasses cheaper because you enjoy great wholesale pricing. There is nothing wrong with talking about discount sunglasses from the perspective of how they impact consumers.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Customers looking to buy new sunglasses at this time of year tend to have a different outlook. Some of them are buying sunglasses as a gift. Make doing so worth their while with a special promotion. You want them to look at what you have on offer and instantly know that sunglasses are the best gift for their loved ones.

Others might be planning a midwinter ski trip. Put yourself in their ski boots. They will do better on the slopes with polarized lenses. Wraparounds would be a good option as well. Think like a skier and you will know just how to make certain pairs of sunglasses appealing to that crowd.

The point here is to meet your customers where they are. Try to view their purchases from their perspective rather than your own. By the way, this is something you should be doing year-round.

Start Thinking About January and February

We know it seems early, but now is the time to start thinking about what you're going to do come January and February. Your holiday sales will hopefully be as strong as you anticipated. But don't allow January and February to be the big letdown.

Here's hoping you have all your holiday stock on hand now. That being the case, start thinking about what you want to order for the first few months of 2023. November is the perfect time to start planning your late winter and early spring inventory.

As always, Olympic Eyewear will be here to support you with bulk discount sunglasses in all the most popular styles. Browse our entire inventory to find the latest selection of wayfarers, aviators, cat eyes, etc. We want to be the one-stop outlet for all your wholesale sunglasses and accessories.

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