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Running a Quality Wholesale Sunglasses Business

May 25, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


Buying cheap sunglasses in bulk is a key part of your success. Here at Olympic Eyewear, we are happy to support you in your endeavors with a wide selection of wholesale sunglasses for women, men, and kids. If we could offer only one piece of advice, it would be this: do not be cheap. Your retail prices are probably cheap compared to high-end brands. Yet that doesn't mean you should be cheap, too.

We are referring to the presentation here. There is a significant difference between cheap prices on designer sunglasses and a cheap presentation by a business owner who doesn't want to put the resources into creating the best presentation possible. Do not be that small business owner.

Great Wholesale Sunglasses Prices Help

One thing that lets you sell so cheaply at retail is low wholesale pricing. We get it. Our wholesale prices are kept in check for the simple fact that a lower price point is intrinsically linked to all Olympic brands. We are not afraid to compete with higher-priced brands by taking advantage of lower pricing.

No doubt lower wholesale prices give you more room to make a comfortable margin. But having more room is not an excuse to skimp. It is not a good reason to offer a poor presentation that chases away customers. Think of it this way: great wholesale prices help by saving money you can put into your presentation.

Keep Everything Neat, Clean, and Presentable

Mastering presentation starts with making sure your entire space is clean, neat, and presentable. In a brick-and-mortar setting, this means always having a tidy shop or kiosk. You do not want any accumulation of dust or dirt. You don't want the floor to look like it hasn't been cleaned in years. You certainly don't want clutter.

In an online setting, similar rules apply. Offer a clean, crisp, and intuitive website that allows your customers to find what they are after quickly. Keep it fresh and visually appealing. Make your website fast, too.

Expect More from Your Staff

The team here at Olympic Eyewear is just like your team. We have lives outside of selling wholesale sunglasses. We go shopping. We visit retail boutiques and downtown stores. We also shop online. And like you, we are not too pleased when we encounter retail staff who seem like they would rather do anything other than serve customers.

A big part of presenting designer sunglasses is doing so in a professional way. Customers want to know that your staff cares about them. They want to interact with employees who know what they are talking about, show some degree of professionalism, are well-spoken, etc.

In simple terms, expect more from your staff. If you run a brick-and-mortar shop, make sure your staff is well-dressed. Teach them how to maintain a professional image whenever they are working. Make sure they know how to greet, treat, and cater to your customers.

Back up Everything with Solid Customer Service

Your presentation doesn't end as soon as the sale is made. In so many cases, you will provide customer service after the fact. That being the case, make sure you back up the sales experience with solid customer service designed to boost loyalty and enhance your brand. It is pretty simple to understand. Take excellent care of your customers and they will return time and again.

Your prices are cheap because you can buy from us cheaply. But don't be cheap in the way you run your business. The only thing cheap in your store should be the final price your customers pay.

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