Olympic Eyewear's Bulk Sunglasses Brands A-K

Oct 06, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear, a leading bulk sunglasses website, offers a wide variety of popular and trendy men's and women's sunglasses' brands.

  • Air Force – This premium brand of sunglasses is perfect for military and non-military alike. This style of sunglasses was originally designed for the military and featured tempered glass lenses, which allowed only 20% of incoming light to be transmitted. These were designed for military pilots, but became very popular for everyday fashion in the 1960s, being sported by popular celebrities such as Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury. These sunglasses reached new heights of popularity with the release of "Top Gun" in the 1980s.
  • Arctic Blue – These sunglasses feature the popular blue mirror lens style, which adds to the clarity of these bulk sunglasses brands.
  • Barricade – Barricade sunglasses feature a distinct wrap-around style that helps prevent unsightly glare from entering the eyes. These fit-over styles are popular for all age groups.
  • BeOne – This brand features polarized materials with plastic frames. Featuring dark, fashionable color choices, these popular form-fitting styles are one of the latest fashion trends.
  • BiohazardBiohazard sunglasses offer a wide selection of protective eyewear that range from plastic to metal frames. These stylish bulk sunglasses brand are a popular bestseller among today's sunglass styles.
  • CG – CG Sunglasses are trendy and mimic today's designer wholesale sunglasses. Ranging from rhinestone, vintage styles to animal prints, these popular women's sunglasses make a trendy statement.
  • Choppers – Designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, Chopper sunglasses are an excellent choice for both motorcyclists and outdoor bicycle riders. Designed to help deflect debris, wind and weather elements, these sunglasses have become popular worldwide.
  • DXtreme – These sunglasses feature both men's and women's models and come with polarized lenses. They also feature a wide variety of styles, including aviator, oval, rectangle, rimless, semi-rimless, shield, square, Wayfarer and wraparound styles.
  • Giselle – These women's sunglasses feature fun, outgoing styles, materials and features. Popular features of the Giselle line include oversized styles, animal print highlights, rhinestones, vintage styles and novelty designs.
  • Khan – Khan sunglasses are designed for both men and women. They primarily carry men's styles. These styles feature a wide variety of shapes, including aviator, oval, rectangle, semi-rimless, shield, Wayfarer and wrap-around styles. Available in polarized and reading styles, these trendy designs are sure to remain on the sunglass scene for years to come.
  • Kleo – These women's sunglasses highlight butterfly shapes, cat eye, oval, rectangle, round, semi-rimless, shield, square and Wayfarer styles. Embellishments and highlights include animal prints, oversized styles, rhinestone studs and vintage designs.

Olympic Eyewear features even more bulk sunglasses! Stay tuned and read our second part of this two-part article, which highlights popular sunglasses brands L through X.

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