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Nov 06, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


There was an article recently published on the Carscoops website that got us thinking about brands. Here at OE Sunglasses, we distribute nearly 2-dozen brands of affordable designer sunglasses designed to compete with all the top brands on the market. What makes our  wholesale sunglasses brands so special is affordability.

Affordable designer sunglasses represent a product that customers want. People want sunglasses to protect their eyes against UV rays. But they also want sunglasses that look good, stand up against the rigors of daily life, and say something about their sense of style. You can give them what they want without forcing them to take out a mortgage for a new pair of shades.

Here's how we look at it: affordable designer sunglasses can be a brand unto themselves. Another way to say it is that you can develop your own brand as an eyewear retailer, a brand that is rooted in the principle of offering both quality products and fair prices without compromising on either one.

Pricey, But Not That Pricey

Getting back to the Carscoops article very briefly, it posed the question of whether or not it was okay to wear a pair of Bugatti sunglasses even if you don't own one of the high-end sports cars by the same name. More specifically, the article asked if doing so is 'lame'.

As the thinking goes, if you are too poor to afford an actual Bugatti, wearing a pair of Bugatti sunglasses is presumptuous. You are trying to make people think you're part of the Bugatti crowd even though the best you can do is rent a Bugatti every now and again in hopes of convincing people that you own it.

We don't care either way, quite frankly. What struck us about the post is the whole idea of the brand. People find a brand they appreciate, and they stick with it. It is as true with designer sunglasses as it is any other product.

The Olympic Eyewear Brand

We take pride in the fact that the OE Sunglasses brand is a brand known for high quality at wholesale prices. When you buy wholesale sunglasses from us, you are getting excellent products that compete with more expensive brands in every way. But you are also getting fantastic wholesale pricing through which you can purchase bulk sunglasses at reasonable rates.

You can turn around and sell those sunglasses in a retail setting at whatever price you choose. But getting such great wholesale pricing from us lets you sell at retail for less than the competition. That is what sets you apart. Your brand is based on giving customers the quality and designs they like at a lower cost. That's okay. In fact, it's great!

Your Brand Sets You Apart

Whether you sell online, in a brick-and-mortar setting, or both, your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. It is what makes you unique as a seller of affordable designer sunglasses. Embrace it. Find a way to convey to your customers that you offer high-quality sunglasses in the latest styles and at prices that are far more reasonable than a Bugatti.

There are always going to be those customers who will not spend less than several hundred dollars on a pair of sunglasses simply because they can. But most people are looking for more affordable sunglasses that are still stylish and durable. That is what you have to offer.

Affordable designer sunglasses can be a brand unto themselves. Make them part of your brand. Give your customers sunglasses they love at a price that fits into the budget and you will have them.

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