Olympic Eyewear features an "Other Sunglasses" page, which features a collection of miscellaneous sunglass brands. This category includes women, men and children’s sunglasses. Styles include a wide variety, including aviator, cat eye, goggles, oval, rectangle, round, square and even Wayfarer styles. Featuring both metal and plastic frames, features in this section include novelty styles, mirrored designs, clear lenses, stripes, multi-color designs and exotic animal prints. Some of these colorful designs are ideal for celebrations and holidays.
  • W-7110-FLAG

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) W-7110-FLAG
    $21.00 per dozen
  • WF04ST

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF04ST
    $19.00 per dozen
  • WF01BLK

    Dozen of sunglasses (single color) WF01BLK
    $18.00 per dozen
  • WF01RV

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF01RV
    $20.00 per dozen
  • KD58MIX

    Dozen of kids sunglasses (assorted colors) KD58MIX
    $16.00 per dozen
  • WF01CLRV

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF01CLRV
    $19.00 per dozen
  • WF04-2T

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF04-2T
    $22.00 per dozen
  • W-581-USA

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) W-581-USA
    $20.00 per dozen
  • WF01NEON

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF01NEON
    $18.00 per dozen
  • WF012TRV

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF012TRV
    $20.00 per dozen
  • NERD001

    Dozen of clear lens glasses (single color) NERD001
    $18.00 per dozen
  • WF15-SDM

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) WF15-SDM
    $25.00 per dozen
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