Olympic Eyewear offers a selection of beanie hats. These wholesale hats include visor cuffless beanies, ski masks, earflap beanies, visor earflap beanies, ski caps and more.

For people who hate the feeling of wind whipping through their ears while outdoors, an earflap beanie is the ideal solution for skiing, snowboarding and outdoor sports. These types of hats help cover the ears, keeping them warm and toasty, while staying securely in place, unlike traditional earmuffs.

Ski masks help prevent full-face chill and that raw feeling that haunts sensitive skin for days after swooshing around the slopes for hours. Secure the ski mask with goggles and a visor earflap beanie for extra protection and hit the slopes without worrying about wind chill, ear aches or red chapped skin.

Snowboarders will love the visor earflap beanies, because they offer maximum visibility while providing ear protection. These are usually optimal for trying snowboarding stunts, moves and jumps. The beanies provide more visibility than ski masks and also allow snowboarders to turn their necks and heads with full mobility.

These items are ideal for outdoor sporting-good stores, department stores, boutique stores, outdoor gear rental shops, ski and snow shops and much more. The beanies are available in a wide selection of colors, which makes them appeal to both men and women.
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