en-US Wholesale Sunglasses Blog Wholesale Sunglasses Blog Wed, 20 Sep 2017 08:41:20 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= http://www.olympiceyewear.com/blog/ Tips for Adjusting Sunglasses That Slip Those steamy summer days between July and August are the days when your customers need their sunglasses the most. They are also the days when perspiration can make it nearly impossible to keep a pair of sunglasses on your face without them slipping. No worries though, there are ways to get around the slipping.

You might be a retailer that offers free adjustments. Your profit margin is high enough to offer the service because you buy bulk sunglasses from us. If so, this post is not for you. What you will read below is intended for retailers who do not offer free adjustments yet still find themselves giving customers advice about slippage.

The Hairdryer Method

Sunglasses that slip as a result of perspiration are generally not tight enough around the back of the ears. The easiest way to solve this problem is to tighten them up by actually bending the plastic frames. This can be done with a hair dryer, a towel, and a little TLC.

Your customer should put the hair dryer on its highest setting. Hot air will then be directed toward the back of the ear piece until the plastic is hot enough to bend. The idea is to bend the ear piece upward, using the towel to protect against being burned. Customers who decide to use this method should make adjustments in small increments. Going to big could mean having to make multiple adjustments back and forth which, ultimately, could end up breaking the plastic.

The Elastic Band

Customers not thrilled about the idea of heating up their sunglasses could elect to purchase an elastic band. The bands are very popular for kids who have trouble keeping their regular prescription eyeglasses on due to their rambunctiousness. Fortunately, the elastic bands work equally well for sunglasses.

If you buy bulk kids sunglasses from us, you might want to invest in bulk elastic bands as well. They go well together – just like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and apple pie.

Adhesive Foam Pads

Another good idea that comes from the world of prescription eyeglasses are those adhesive foam pads you buy at the pharmacy. The pads were originally intended for eyeglasses with metal frames and plastic bridge pads for the nose. You simply affix a foam pad to each bridge pad and away you go.

The pads work equally well on plastic sunglasses. You can place one on each side of the bridge as well as on each ear piece – just in front of, or behind, the ear. The only downside to foam pads is that perspiration will eventually get underneath the adhesive and cause them to fall off. New pads may have to be applied a couple of times during the summer season.

The Abrasion Method

Last but not least is the abrasion method. This is typically a measure of last resort, especially if your customers are buying fashion sunglasses. Those interested in trying it need only possess a file or emery board. Also note that this method does not work well for sunglasses with metal frames. It is really intended for plastic.

Using the file or emery board, the customer simply scuffs the plastic surface on either side of the bridge and where the earpieces contact the side of the head. Scuffing the plastic does essentially the same thing as affixing adhesive foam pads. The advantage of this method is that perspiration is never a problem.

If you buy bulk sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear, we thank you for your loyalty. Hopefully, these tips for preventing slippage during the hot summer months will be useful for your customers.

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Marketing Sunglasses Beyond Store Shelves Every day, Olympic Eyewear has the pleasure of working with retailers who purchase wholesale sunglasses from us with the intent of selling them at boutiques, pop-up shops, and flea markets. It is a great business model that a lot of people make a living on. Still, retailers do not have to settle for sales confined to store shelves. There are other ways to market sunglasses to move them in much larger numbers.

The key to marketing sunglasses beyond store shelves is to target a particular audience and then find out what makes them tick. If you can find a message that hits the bull's-eye, so to speak, it's possible to move a lot of sunglasses very quickly. Below are just a few examples.

Sports Team Promotions

If you are a sports fan, you know that teams offer giveaway promotions to get people through the turnstiles. Just go to any Major League Baseball game if you are not familiar with the idea. Baseball teams give away everything from bobblehead toys to replica baseball caps.

Big-league teams are not likely to take you up on an offer for wholesale sunglasses unless you can deliver in volumes north of 10,000 or so. But if you have minor league teams in your local area, they would be a good target. Try approaching the team's marketing department with an offer to supply anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand pairs of sunglasses. You do not have to realize your normal 40% margin to make this work. When you're selling that many, a 10% margin is good enough.

Approach Local Employers

In every city and town across America, there are employers with workers who spend the majority of their time outdoors. Take the typical lawncare company with half a dozen laborers. The company already provides T-shirts, why not approach them with an offer to supply their staff with sunglasses. You could talk about using the sunglasses as an employee perk. You could pitch the idea of improving the professional image of the crew with matching T-shirts and aviators for all.

Summer Day Camps

The summer months are a time when youth day camps spring up all over the country. Unfortunately, such camps are notorious for having kids show up unprepared for being in the sun all day. Consider approaching a couple of day camp operators and offering cheap kids sunglasses for campers. If a camp can keep several dozen on hand, they will always have a pair available when one of the kids arrives without adequate eye protection.

As a bonus, the camp could let it be known in their marketing materials that they keep extra sunglasses on hand in case kids forget theirs. That would certainly score points with parents.

Talk to Car and Boat Dealers

Lastly, local car and boat dealers are always looking for inexpensive ways to get people into the showroom. You can pitch the idea of offering a free pair of sunglasses along with the purchase of a new or used car or boat. Pitch aviators to boat dealers and wayfarers to car dealers. Or offer a selection of various fashion frames they can mix and match according to their customer base.

There are plenty of ways to sell fashion sunglasses beyond just offering them on store shelves and racks. Your marketing potential is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Hopefully, the suggestions offered here have you thinking outside the box. In the meantime, Olympic Eyewear will be here with a full selection of bulk orders sunglasses at great prices that work well with your profit margin targets.

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Sunglasses Do Not Have to be Expensive to Look Good Olympic Eyewear gets a lot of questions about how we can sell fashion sunglasses so cheaply. Such questions are based on the assumption that cheap sunglasses do not sell well on the retail market; that retailers would never buy from us because they know that cheap doesn't sell. But all those assumptions are wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. Sunglasses do not have to be expensive to sell.

We have been in this business long enough to know that the two most important things to consumers looking for sunglasses are UV protection and good looks. Just about every manufacturer maximizes UV protection these days, so that's really a non-issue for most fashion sunglasses. Good looks are another matter. And just like you do not have to have a jacked-up price to sell, sunglasses don't have to be expensive to look good either.

Need proof? Look no further than our inventory. We carry some very impressive brands including Air Force, Manhattan, CG, Giselle, and Nitrogen. Even our highest priced fashion sunglasses cost a fraction of what you would pay for comparable products from more expensive designer brands. Yet those more expensive products are no better than ours.

It is All About Image

When it comes to consumers and what they think looks good in a pair of sunglasses, it is all about the image they want to project. Well, guess what? The same goes for the retailers who sell those glasses. Retailers need to project the right kind of image to maximize sales. The right image will keep customers walking through the door.

Our goal as a wholesaler is to offer products that help our customers project the kind of image that drives sales. Therefore, we put a lot of time and effort into finding the right fashion sunglasses. We look for styles that are up-to-date with the latest trends. We look for products that speak to retail consumers where they are, rather than forcing them to adopt an image they cannot be true to.

We believe that we have achieved that goal, and continue to do so from year to year. If you are new to Olympic Eyewear, you may not fully appreciate how much our inventory has grown since the early days of our business. But it has. And with each passing year, we strive to get our hands on the newest and latest trends while cycling out those that do not sell anymore.

Customers Want Value

Another lesson we have learned over the years is that customers want value. We will not argue that there are some people who won't buy a pair of fashion sunglasses unless these cost hundreds of dollars and have an A-list designer's name on them. But those customers are truly the minority. The average adult looking for new sunglasses doesn't want to spend that kind of money. What they do want is a pair of fashion sunglasses that look good, offer adequate UV protection, and will not break a few hours after they leave the store.

We know what customers want in fashion sunglasses. As a retailer, you can trust that you will be able to meet your customers' demands by selecting products from our vast inventory. Indeed, our inexpensive sunglasses are only cheap in their wholesale pricing. They are not cheaply built with little to no attention to craftsmanship.

As a retailer, never forget that fashion sunglasses don't have to be expensive to look good. They also don't have to be expensive to sell. Give your customers good looks and adequate UV protection at a reasonable price and they will be happy.

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3 Things to Know about the Toothpaste Repair How maddening is it to invest in a great pair of designer sunglasses only to scratch them a few weeks later? Scratched lenses are a big problem for sunglasses for obvious reasons. As a result, people are always looking for ways to remove those scratches.

Have you heard about the toothpaste repair? It is one of the more common ways individuals try to get rid of lens scratches. You may have even discussed it with your own customers. As a supplier of designer wholesale sunglasses, we field questions about the toothpaste repair from time to time.

Below are three things you need to know about this repair, just in case you are asked. We want to make it clear that we do not endorse trying to remove scratches from sunglasses using toothpaste. Still, we understand that people are willing to try this method before replacing scratched glasses. From their viewpoint, they have nothing to lose.

1. The Repair Requires Nonabrasive Toothpaste

The toothpaste repair is something recommended not only for sunglasses, but also for scratched CDs and DVDs. What we find most interesting is that there are plenty of online how-to guides that recommend using an abrasive toothpaste. This may be a good idea for CDs and DVDs (we're just guessing here) but it is not good for the lenses in most designer sunglasses.

Abrasive toothpaste will do more harm than good by putting new scratches in the lenses. Instead, a nonabrasive toothpaste should be used. If possible, a high-quality children's toothpaste is preferred. Consumers should avoid gels, as these really won't do any good.

2. How the Repair Works

If you are going to recommend the toothpaste repaired to your customers then you really should know how it works. Toothpaste marketed as non-abrasive still contains a small amount of an abrasive component, in order to be effective for cleaning the teeth. This abrasive component gently removes a thin layer of plastic from the lens, thus leveling out the surface and removing scratches.

It should be noted that the toothpaste repair will not work on deep scratches. It may make those scratches less prominent, but a scratch that's deep enough is not going away without actually damaging the lens.

The Repair Process

Before moving on to the third and final thing to know about the toothpaste repair, it might be helpful to know how the repair should be applied. It's quite simple. First, the toothpaste should be applied directly to the scratched lens using a finger or a soft, cotton cloth. Never use a toothbrush.

Next, the toothpaste should be worked in using a circular motion while moving around the lens from the center out. Never go straight across the lens in either a vertical or horizontal motion. Finally, the lens should be rinsed with cold water and dried with a soft, cotton cloth.

3. Repeated Repairs Will Ruin Sunglasses

Finally, you need to know that repeated toothpaste repairs will eventually ruin a pair of designer sunglasses. The protective lenses in sunglasses are embedded with UV protection and tinted to block visible sunlight. Applying the toothpaste repair multiple times will gradually reduce the effectiveness of both kinds of protection. Numerous repairs will also ruin the physical appearance of the lenses, leaving dull patches that look like scuff marks.

Attempting the toothpaste repair on a pair of designer sunglasses is rarely an ideal situation. Nonetheless, we know that people do it. If your customers ask about it, make sure you know how to advise them. The last thing you need is an unhappy customer whose repair fails.

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Top 5 Ways People Lose Their Sunglasses Imagine buying a brand-new pair of wayfarer sunglasses that make you look as sophisticated as Tom Cruise. You wear them all weekend while you are out and about with friends. Come Monday morning, you hop in the car only to discover they are nowhere to be found. You are off to buy another pair – the third pair you've bought this year!

The team at Olympic Eyewear knows it is a good thing that our customers can buy bulk sunglasses inexpensively. They can serve their retail customers who just cannot seem to hang onto a pair of sunglasses for more than a few weeks. Without the retailers to buy from us, those average Joes and Janes would have to come up with some way of permanently affixing their glasses to their bodies.

How do people lose their sunglasses?

If we could only count the ways. It has been our experience that there are some ways more common than others, so we put together a top five list to prove the point.

1. Leaving Them in Someone Else's Car

The number one way people lose sunglasses is probably leaving them in someone else's car. We all have that special storage place in our own cars, but things are different when riding with friends or family members in their cars. It only takes one day of outdoor partying that turns into an evening of fun to cause you to forget that you left your sunglasses in a friend's car. And once they're gone, good luck getting them back.

2. Dropping Them in the Water

Another common way people lose their sunglasses is dropping them in the water. Unfortunately, most sunglasses don't float. Fishermen know this all too well. An experienced fisherman might be leaning over the boat to pull in an especially feisty fish and, in the heat of the moment, drop those expensive sunglasses that quickly sink to the bottom of the lake.

Boaters, beach goers, and ferry riders also have problems with water. It's almost like water acts as a magnet to pull sunglasses off a person's face and suck them into the watery abyss.

3. Losing Them on Amusement Rides

Summer is amusement park season in the US. More than one amusement park goer has lost a pair of sunglasses on a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, or one of the many other thrill rides such parks are known for. It would be interesting to know just how many pairs of lost sunglasses amusement park workers pick up every day.

4. Hanging Them out the Window

It is never a good idea to hold your sunglasses while your hand is hanging out the car window. A momentary lapse at 65 miles an hour can send those sunglasses careening across the interstate on a collision course with oncoming traffic. A lot of people lose their sunglasses this way, and it's not a pretty picture.

5. Loaning Sunglasses to Friends

Last but not least is loaning your sunglasses to a friend. Unfortunately, a good pair of sunglasses is a lot like a good pen. Loan them out and you may never see them again. If you have friends who routinely ask to borrow your glasses, it might be a good idea to keep a stock of cheap, drugstore sunglasses on hand.

Nothing is worse than investing in a good pair of wayfarer sunglasses only to lose them a few days later. If you have customers prone to losing their glasses, you might want to suggest a granny strap or visor clip. Both do wonders for helping people hang on to their shades.

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What You Need to Know about Sunglasses and Solar Eclipses U.S. residents will experience something on August 21 that will not come around again for another seven years. Of course, we are talking about the solar eclipse that so many astronomy enthusiasts have been looking forward to for years. Because of the relative rarity of solar eclipses, they are a big deal to people wishing to see one with their own eyes. As a retailer of sunglasses, you need to be prepared by understanding what solar eclipses mean for sunglasses.

You may purchase bulk designer sunglasses from us on a regular schedule. That does not mean you are prepared as a supplier of sunglasses for the solar eclipse. In fact, you are not prepared if you do not have a specific kind of solar shield sunglasses in stock. Why do we mention this? Because some of your customers may come in looking for the darkest pair of sunglasses they can find under the assumption that these will provide adequate eye protection for viewing the eclipse. They will not.

We sell all kinds of black sunglasses in bulk. They are great for everyday use on the sunniest of days. But standard sunglasses are not the same as solar shield sunglasses and they do not provide adequate protection while viewing an eclipse.

Viewing an Eclipse Can Be Dangerous

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun on a direct path that blocks the sun either entirely or partially. The August 21 eclipse will be a full eclipse. Such eclipses present very real dangers to viewers. There are three kinds of light to be concerned about:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light – This kind of light is routinely blocked by standard sunglasses. If UV light were all that eclipse viewers had to worry about, standard sunglasses would be sufficient.
  • Infrared (IR) Light – Infrared light is the same kind of light emitted by your TV remote control. In small amounts, it is not dangerous. However, in the concentrations that accompany full solar eclipses, IR light can do plenty of damage to the eyes. Standard sunglasses do not protect against IR light.
  • Direct Sunlight – The direct sunlight visible by the naked eye is especially intense during the partial phases of an eclipse. During those last few seconds before and after the total eclipse, the intensity of the sunlight can burn retinas and corneas. It can even cause blindness.

It is never safe to view a total eclipse without proper eye protection or an approved pinhole viewer regardless of one's location. Make sure your customers understand that not being in the direct path of a full eclipse is irrelevant. In fact, those outside of the direct path are even more vulnerable because they will never actually see the full eclipse. There will be more time for them to be exposed to the intense direct sunlight that is so dangerous.

Make Sure Your Customers Know

We are thrilled that you buy bulk designer sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear. We are thrilled that the black sunglasses you buy in bulk are favorites among your customers. But do not allow your customers to falsely assume that standard sunglasses will provide adequate protection for viewing the solar eclipse. They won't.

Remind your customers that they need specially designed solar shield sunglasses that are both CE and ISO approved. Furthermore, the sunglasses they do choose for viewing need to have a filter strong enough to block 99.99% of the intense visible light produced by eclipse. Ideally, they will want a pair of sunglasses made of a black polymer with a density rating of 5.

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Why Sunglasses are Like Gold to Some People The Financial Times' Jude Webber recently penned an interesting piece talking about some of the frustrations of living in a country that is very big on technology yet still runs its economy primarily on cash payments. Webber lives and works in Mexico. In her article, she wrote about running into trouble paying highway tolls while traveling outside of Mexico City. In a somewhat amusing anecdote, she talked about using her sunglasses and a bracelet as collateral for tolls she intended to pay on her way back into town.

As a wholesaler of discount sunglasses, Webber's story got us thinking about something. Through conversations with our own customers, we have learned that some people treat their sunglasses like gold. They buy a pair from a retail outlet and then protect them like they are the most important possession in the world.

That's good for us because it provides an ongoing market for us to sell inexpensive, bulk sunglasses to retailers. It is good for our retailers as well. Still, we cannot help but wonder what motivates some individuals to be so passionately protective of their wayfarers or aviators. We have a few ideas.

1. It's an Image Thing

The first thing that comes to mind is personal image. In an era of social media and subsequent narcissism, it could be that people are so obsessed with image that they cannot imagine what would happen if that image were shattered. A unique pair of sunglasses that contributes to a person's image would obviously be a critical accessory. It could be that people who treat their sunglasses like gold are afraid of not having them on hand when their image is at risk.

The average Joe or Jane on the street would probably not fall into this category. These are individuals like high-powered celebrities and influential business leaders who rely on their personal image to get things done.

2. It's a Financial Thing

Here's a second thing to consider about those who treat their sunglasses like gold: they have invested quite a bit of money in their sunglasses and don't want to lose them. That's a legitimate concern. Sunglasses can be expensive, even models that are considered 'discount' sunglasses. A customer spending $50 at retail would not take that same $50 and flush it down the toilet, so why would he or she be careless with the sunglasses purchased with that money?

3. It's a Medical Thing

We would be remiss in our responsibility if we didn't mention legitimate medical needs for wearing sunglasses. For example, both U2 lead singer Bono and NFL coach Tony Sparano wear sunglasses for legitimate medical purposes. Bono suffers from glaucoma, so his eyes are very sensitive to light. As for Sparano, he suffered a serious eye injury as a teenager; not only does he have to wear sunglasses all the time, he also has to keep the lights in his home dim.

When sunglasses are worn for legitimate medical reasons, it would only stand to reason that the wearers would consider them more valuable than gold. A good pair of sunglasses adequate for meeting medical needs can be hard to come by. Once you find a pair, you don't want to let them go.

We have sold a lot of inexpensive, bulk sunglasses during the years we have been in business. In that time, we have heard stories of retail customers seemingly obsessed with their purchases. But when you stop and think about it, there are legitimate reasons for treating sunglasses like gold. We have only scratched the surface with our three suggestions.


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Losing Sunglasses: Suggestions to Offer Your Customers Losing your sunglasses is as easy as losing a pen. People do it all the time. As a company specializing in bulk sunglasses for retailers, we are torn over how we actually feel about this sort of thing. Lost glasses mean more purchases and more profits for us. On the other hand, we hate to see people spending money on something they are going to turn around and lose at some point in the future.

As one of our clients, you buy wholesale aviator sunglasses along with wayfarers and other styles we sell. Your business is also helped when your customers misplace their glasses. But still, you do not like to see them lose those glasses either. So in the interest of helping you be a good retailer, we have come up with a few suggestions that you can offer your loss-prone customers.

Use a Granny Strap

A neck cord that secures a pair of sunglasses around the wearer's neck is affectionately known as a granny strap. The name comes from the images we all have of our saintly grandmothers who employ the straps to keep from losing their reading glasses. Well, they are equally effective for sunglasses.

A good, quality granny strap can be had for just a few dollars. Though we do not carry them at Olympic Eyewear, there are plenty of other wholesalers who do. You can refer customers to the local pharmacy if you don't want to carry the straps in your inventory.

Always Carry Them on Your Person

It is rare for prescription lens wearers to lose their glasses for one simple reason: wearing prescription lenses requires the wearer to have them on his or her person at all times. If any of your customers are willing to put forth the effort, they can do something similar. They do not have to always have their sunglasses over their eyes to accomplish this.

Sunglasses can be stored in a purse or bag instead of in the car. Wearers can slip them in a pocket or wear them on the top of the head when not in use. They can even be ultra cool and wear them backwards, around the neck, like certain celebrities are known to do.

Create a Smartphone Sticky Note

We spend so much time on our phones these days that it is nearly impossible to go an hour without looking at the screen. Why not use that screen to help keep track of sunglasses? A simple sticky note (digital of course) on the customer's home screen should do the trick. Every time that person pulls the phone out to check the time or respond to a text, he or she will see the sticky note staring him/her in the face.

Use a Case

Storing sunglasses in a case may seem terribly old-school and somewhat inconvenient, but desperate times require desperate measures. It is a lot more difficult to lose track of a bulky sunglasses case than the sunglasses themselves. Fortunately, consumers don't have to forgo style and fashion when using a case. Along with our wholesale aviator sunglasses and bulk wayfarers, we also carry a full line of great looking and highly functional cases.

It is true that some customers constantly losing their sunglasses helps to keep your retail operation in business. You might even have a core group of customers for whom you keep a selection of bulk sunglasses on hand at all times. But you also might be able to increase customer loyalty by offering suggestions for how your customers can keep from losing their glasses. It's at least something to think about.

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5 Things Customers Want Eyewear Retailers to Know As a small business owner, you undoubtedly know the importance of getting to know your customers. An in-depth knowledge of consumer needs and desires is a normal part of any successful enterprise, whether it involves buying bulk sunglasses for retail sale or providing some kind of service to residential customers.

In light of that, how much do you really know about your customers? You know you can buy sunglasses in bulk for cheap; you know you can turn around and sell those sunglasses at a decent profit. But do you know what is going on in the minds of your customers? If you do, the five things listed below will not be news to you. If not, these five things could revolutionize your business.

Here are five things customers want their eyewear retailers to know:

1. I Do Have a Budget

High profit margins in the retail setting are all about impulse sales. That's why sales professionals are taught techniques to encourage people to buy on impulse. That may be good for short-term sales, but it's not good for long-term relationships. Customers want their eyewear retailers to know that they do have a budget. They do not appreciate being pressured into exceeding that budget. After all, they are only buying sunglasses. They are not investing in a new home or purchasing life insurance.

2. I Am Fashion Conscious

There are consumers who buy sunglasses without any regard for what they look like. But such consumers are rare. The vast majority of people purchasing designer sunglasses are at least somewhat fashion conscious. They want a selection that includes the latest styles and trends. They also want to know that the pair they eventually choose looks good on them. That's why retailers have mirrors built into their displays.

3. I Care About Quality

It is a given that most people will buy several pairs of sunglasses over the course of their lives. Some people seem to have a knack for losing or breaking their sunglasses every few years, facilitating a purchase. Yet regardless of how often consumers purchase, they are concerned about the quality of the sunglasses they buy. They understand that whatever they purchase will likely need to be replaced at some point, but they would like their new sunglasses to last at least a couple of years. They are not interested in cheap products destined to break in a few months.

4. I Care About Price

Above and beyond the budget question is the bottom line price of a pair of sunglasses. A cardinal rule of thumb is that price and quality must match. It's never a good idea to have overpriced sunglasses on a display because those are the ones that will command the attention of customers only to turn them away. Retailers can buy sunglasses in bulk inexpensively from Olympic Eyewear; they should be just as price conscientious in offering their products to consumers.

5. I Can Be a Loyal Customer

Despite the fickle nature of retail customers, they can be loyal customers if a good relationship is fostered. How does a retailer do that? By offering high-quality products, fair prices, and personalized customer service. The old adage is true: take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

Olympic Eyewear is proud to provide retailers with bulk sunglasses for men, women, and children. We carry a complete inventory featuring all the latest brands and styles. If you are looking to buy sunglasses in bulk, we have what you need at very reasonable prices. We know you expect nothing less from your suppliers.


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How to Build a Business Retailing Sunglasses Every day, we work with retailers who buy sunglasses in bulk from Olympic Eyewear, then turn around and sell those sunglasses in a retail setting. The success of our wholesale buyers proves there is money to be made in sunglass retailing. Like anything else though, success does not happen by chance. Building a business retailing sunglasses requires a solid business plan, a workable strategy, and a lot of hard work.

We have seen a lot of retailers come and go in the years we have been in business. The combination of our own experience and our industry observations gives us a pretty clear idea of what it takes to succeed as a retailer. It is by no means rocket science, but it's also not magic.

Understand the Target Audience

Assuming a new retailer has a solid business plan in place, the first step in building a successful retail business is understanding the target audience. Where sunglasses are concerned, the business owner needs to ask who is most likely to purchase them.

In a Florida resort area like Daytona Beach or Fort Lauderdale, local residents are going to buy sunglasses every few years as a matter of need. But there is a bigger market in the tourists who come to Florida every year without realizing how bright the sun is. Those tourists make a great target audience.

Find Ways to Reach the Audience

Once the target audience has been determined, the next step is finding ways to reach that audience. Using our same example of tourists in Florida, the new business owner could do very well setting up shop in a small retail space near the beach. He or she could approach local pharmacies, convenience stores, and even hotels and motels and ask to rent a small amount of floor space where a display could be set up. There are lots of ways to reach a target audience. It just takes a little creativity.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is where small businesses succeed or fail. An effective marketing strategy allows the business owner to go to the customer rather than waiting for the customer to come to him/her. In short, it is not enough to simply buy sunglasses in bulk and mount them on displays at a local flea market. The retailer also has to let people know what the business sells, where to find the business, and so on.

A big part of modern marketing is social media. And guess what? It turns out that social media was made for selling sunglasses. Social media is great for everything from pitching wayfarer sunglasses to starting conversations among customers. The more interaction a business owner can generate on social media, the more buzz there will be about that company's products.

Great Products and Customer Service

Lastly, no business will be successful if it does not provide customers with great products and customer service. Customers are more than willing to pay a little more for designer sunglasses if they know those sunglasses are high quality. They are more than willing to be loyal to a retailer who offers them personalized customer service with every transaction. Indeed, there is no substitute for great products and customer service in building a business.

There is always going to be a market for designer sunglasses. That means there will always be room for entrepreneurs to build their own businesses in this industry. If you are just starting out as a retailer of sunglasses, we invite you to buy sunglasses in bulk from our incredible, expansive inventory. Then go build your business into something big.

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