What Your Sunglasses Say About You: Our Take

Jun 12, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Run an internet search on the phrase "what your sunglasses say about you" and you will quickly discover there is no shortage of opinions on this topic. What is most interesting is that the opinions are so diverse. It just goes to show that what your sunglasses say to one person may be completely different to what they say to another.

In light of the varied opinions, we thought it might be fun to offer readers our take on what their sunglasses say about them. Keep in mind that this is all in good fun. You are who you are whether you wear discount sunglasses purchased at the local big box retailer or you prefer designer sunglasses from your favorite New York boutique.

Aviator – You're Just Too Cool

Anyone old enough to remember the pastel colors and big hair of the 1980s knows that aviator sunglasses were THE symbol of cool in the era of Ronald Reagan and Huey Lewis and the News. If you are still wearing aviators today, you are just too cool. You have so much cool running through your veins that it seeps out everywhere. Your eyewear choice tells the world you could be a fighter pilot if you wanted to be, but you just don't have the time.

Cat Eye – You Love Batman in the 60s

Cat eye sunglasses were a very big fashion trend in the 1960s. They also conjure up images of Cat Woman, a female nemesis of Gotham City's Batman. If you love cat eye sunglasses, you are telling the world you are a huge fan of Batman and the 60s. Neither one is necessarily a bad choice. Both are better than Captain Marvel and the 1970s.

Semi-Rimless – You Thrive on Being Different

Throw on a pair of semi-rimless sunglasses and you are telling the world that you thrive on being different. You're the kind of person who thinks nothing of wearing blue jeans and a pair of bright red sneakers, all tied together with a yellow sport coat. You are the kind of person who wears your sunglasses backwards, around your neck, when you're not in the sun. You don't need full rims because they are ostentatious.

Round – Sunglasses Can Be Intellectual

Round sunglasses conjure up images of Albert Einstein and John Lennon. Both were incredibly intellectual, and both made round lenses fashionable. Heck, even Benjamin Franklin wore glasses with round lenses. You can't do much better than Ben, can you?

Wayfarer – Cosmo Magazine Is Published for You

Among all kinds of designer sunglasses, wayfarers tend to be the most cosmopolitan. A person who wears wayfarers is a man or woman of the world, someone who is not afraid to say that getting around is a way of life. You travel in upwardly mobile circles and are equally comfortable talking about fashion and philosophy.

Rectangle – Age Is Creeping up on You

By the time a person starts sporting rectangle sunglasses, it is evident that age is starting to creep up. Indeed, rectangle lenses are just one step away from clip-ons and wear overs. But that's fine. You can be getting up there in age and still look great in your designer sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses knows no age limits.

We hope you've enjoyed our take on what your sunglasses say about you. If you are looking for discount sunglasses in bulk for your retail business, Olympic Eyewear has a vast selection for you to choose from. From all the latest styles to currently emerging trends, we can supply your retail business with great products your customers will love.



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