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Sunglasses for 2020: Top 5 Trends to Watch For

Jan 08, 2020 Olympic Eyewear


It is time for all of those annual prognostications about coming trends in sunglasses. We go through this every year for no other reason than to try to figure out what we should stock for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Sometimes our predictions turn out to be nothing more than folly. Other times they are spot on.

We have been doing our own research as well as paying attention to what others are saying. By all indications, it looks like there may be five trends to watch for in 2020. If any of them begin taking off in early spring, it is a safe bet they will be hot through the summer months.

1. Cat Eyes

Cat eyes have been around since the 1920s. They were all the rage among Hollywood celebrities during the 30s and 40s. The thing is this: cat eyes seem to be cyclical. They are in vogue for a few years before falling away. A few more years pass, and they are back again. That's where we are now.

People love cat eyes for a number of reasons. First of all, they are timeless. They work whenever they come out of the vault. Second, they flatter most face shapes. That is a big plus. Keep an eye on cat eyes over the next couple of months.

2. Brow Bars

Brow bars are those sunglasses with the thin strip across the brow to hold the lenses firm. They can be presented as classic aviators, circular frames, or even rectangles. The important part is the brow bar. What makes them so intriguing for 2020 is the release of Top Gun: Maverick, the follow-up to the original Top Gun film.


The new film is set to be released in June. However, trailers are already in theaters. This may lead to a spike in brow bar aviators beginning just after Valentine's Day. Keep a close eye on it.

3. Oversized Frames

Sunglasses with oversized frames did very well in 2019. It looks like they will be back for 2020. People conscious about UV rays look to oversized frames to offer maximum protection around the eyes. It doesn't hurt that plenty of big-name celebs are fans of oversized shades. As such, be especially cognizant of what your female customers are buying. They may latch on to oversized frames more than the men.

4. Sports Shields

Every now and again we see brief style trends connected to sporting events. For 2020, sports shields may take center stage thanks to the summer Olympic Games. If you are not familiar with sports shields, picture a pair of ski goggles scaled down to the size of an average pair of sunglasses. Then streamline the frame a bit to make it look sleek and sexy.

A good pair of sports shields offer a bit of wraparound protection. Rather than two separate lenses, they have a single lens that connects to the top of the frame. A cutout provides room for the nose piece below. Our X-Loop wraparound sunglasses for men are a good example of sports shields.

5. Bejeweled Sunglasses

Last but not least, bejeweled sunglasses seem to have turned up everywhere we looked. It makes sense, given how well bejeweled everything did during the 2019 fashion shows.

It wouldn't be surprising to see some of the biggest brands put a lot of effort into bejeweled products this spring and summer. There are no guarantees, however. This one trend may be the wildcard on the list.

Get ready for spring and summer 2020. They will be here faster than you realize.

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