Sunglasses and Eye Health in the Elderly

Oct 14, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Usually we think of sunglasses as fashionable accessories for young people. But not only are sunglasses more than just fashionable statements, they are worn by elderly too. Sunglasses with ample UV protection are a must against the sun's most harmful rays. These rays can damage the eyes and increase risks of cataracts and eye disease. The elderly are very susceptible to health conditions and need to take extra precautions. They can take advantage of several benefits by wearing sunglasses.

Due to a number of factors, both biological and environmental, eyesight tends to worsen with age. Limited, blurred, or obstructed vision are some of the changes elders report about their eyes. Cataracts and macular degeneration are conditions elders need to watch out for that can be caused or worsened by too much sun exposure. Sunglasses offer the elderly an important measure of protection.

Wearing sunglasses after eye surgery is especially important since the eyes are particularly sensitive and vulnerable at that time. There are also specialized sunglasses lens that elders can consider such as polarized lens, which filter glare, and blue-blockers that help block out high-energy light.

A special word of caution is offered to elders who are looking for sunglasses with colored or any specialized lenses, however. Elders typically need to take special care with walking and taking note of the environment around them to avoid possible falls or accidents due to limited mobility and perception. They need to make sure that the lenses they choose do not affect their ability to see true colors or to see or identify conditions in their environment that may cause them injury.

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