How to Properly Clean Wholesale Sunglasses

Dec 15, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear highlights the best way to clean bulk sunglasses.

  • Avoid – Avoid using breath as any type of lens cleaning product, as it only smears dirt around the lenses. Never dry lenses with paper products, such as napkins or paper towels, or shirts, as this will irreparably scratch lenses.
  • Do – Using warm, running water and dish soap without any added lotions, gently clean glasses. Using a lint-free cloth, gently dry glasses. The proper four-step process to cleaning glasses involves moistening the lenses, frame and arms in warm tap water. Secondly, add a small dab of dish soap to the lenses, gently rubbing it into the lenses, arms and frame, gently using the forefinger and thumb. Third, rinse the glasses gently under warm water. Forth and finally, dry the glasses with a lint-free cloth. Some glass stores sell a lens cleaner spray that is safe to use instead of soap. The spray should be safe for both coated and anti-reflected lenses.
  • Fixing and Maintaining Sunglasses – By instructing customers how to make minor repairs to their sunglasses, wholesale sunglasses retailers are helping increase the chances of customers returning for future sales.
    • Tightening Screws – Sunglass screws can loosen over time, which is why it is important that customers invest in small screwdrivers or kits.
    • Removing Scratches – Use a tiny dab of clear nail polish to ensure screws do not come loose.
    • Replacing Nose Pads – There are several different types of nose pads, including screw-in, snap-on and slide-in.
    • Adjusting Arms – Plastic frames require heating up the arms and softening the plastic. It is best to take any type of whole sale sunglasses to a professional expert to prevent damage. Metal frames can be bent with a flat surface, soft cloth and a pair of needle-nose pliers.
    • Cleaning – Cleaning and polishing wholesale sun glasses regular helps maintain their condition.
  • Removing Scratches – Removing scratches from sunglasses can be a tricky, time-consuming process.
    • Brass or Silver Polish – Dab a small amount of brass or silver polish on the lenses with a cotton ball or pad, gently rub this lotion around the scratch. Remove any excess polish with a clean, lint-free cloth. Continue to repeat this process until the scratch is gone.
    • Toothpaste – Using a non-abrasive, non-whiting, non-minty and non-gel toothpaste, use a cotton ball and rub the paste into the scratch in a gentle circular motion. Continue to do so for approximately 10 seconds and then rinse the toothpaste with cool water. Wipe off any excess with a lint-free cloth.
    • Baking Soda – Mixing one part of water with two parts of baking soda, make a thick paste. Rub this paste into the scratch for approximately 10 seconds with a cotton ball. Rinse the paste using cool water and wipe any excess off with a lint-free cloth.
    • Vehicle Wax – Wholesale designer sunglasses can be repaired using vehicle wax and a soft clothing. Wipe away any excess wax and repeat as necessary.
    • Lemon Pledge – This is also an excellent alternative for fixing unsightly sunglasses scratches. Spray lenses lightly and using a lint-free cloth, rub the pledge in circulation motions until scratches disappear.
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