Olympic Eyewear Highlights the Latest Spring and Summer Wholesale Designer Sunglass Styles

Feb 03, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear highlights the latest bulk sunglasses trends that are dominating this spring and summer.

  • Bright Sunglasses – Bright colors are anticipated to pop up everywhere – from cheap wholesale sunglasses to more affluent wholesale designer sunglasses' styles. Popular colors include yellow lenses, bright blue and even those that sport a deep purple or plum hue.
  • Bright Frames – Designers have opted to not stop at bright lenses, but to incorporate bold colors into frames. All-black lenses look especially attractive with colorful yellow and black frames and red or blue frames and lenses make an especially bold statement for a contemporary, modern-day appearance.
  • White Frames – Classic, simple and clean, white frames go with nearly any style of look and give a luxurious appearance to any outfit. Creating a stunning appearance, this classic fashion blends beautifully with an all white dress, giving it an incredibly chic and elegant appearance.
  • Oversized Sunglasses – Comfortable and elegant, these styles give outfits a fresh, invigorating and exciting appearance. Some styles even include multi-color frames or hand painted styles.
  • Retro – Making a hot appearance on the runway, vintage '60s and '70s designer wholesale sunglasses add a feminine "Charlie's Angels" appearance to women's stylish fashions. Today's styles experiment with a wide variety of shapes, design interpretations and oversized motifs that are outlandish, yet extremely attractive.
  • Oval Sunglasses – Oval styles are stylish and retro, turning up in combinations of yellow and black tones on runways worldwide. These classic designs also feature dark tones and red-tone options.
  • Colorful Glasses – Two-tone or multi-tone sunglasses are showing up everywhere in 2015. Popular color choices include red and white frames with black lenses and white frames with blue and red lenses and colorful burgundy, yellow and orange frames with black lenses. These head-turning accessories are sure to generate much attention.
  • Square Sunglasses – Whether it is softer or edgier style square frames, a wide variety of materials are being incorporated into sunglass frames, including wood, leather and even tea toned sunglasses. These styles are ideal for rounder races that need more angular sunglass styles.
  • Round Sunglasses – Round sunglasses have been a noteworthy, up and coming option, as they feature more retro-inspired designs. Featuring darker styles and narrower frames, these new designs are bound to turn heads.
  • Semi-Rimless Sunglasses – Instead of the traditional semi-rimless that features top rims, this seasons trends focus on bottoms.
  • Ombre Effect – Extending from the hair to glasses, this season's designs feature dark and light shades that give it a traditional affect that is simply hot this season.
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