Marketing Ideas for Bulk Sunglasses

Jul 01, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Summer is in full swing and marketers need to focus on attracting customers with the latest sunglasses trends. This means that retailers need to focus on obtaining the latest deals and promotions on bulk sunglasses through Olympic Eyewear.

Stores need to be equipped with advertising programs and effective marketing campaigns. This helps attract customers, luring them into buying wholesale designer sunglasses. To help maximize traffic, customers need incentives and encouragement to purchase sunglasses before leaving stores.

The following highlights simple tips to create a store that is ready to sell wholesale sunglasses.

  • Trends – To help create marketing strategies, stores need to know what the latest wholesale sunglasses trends are this summer. Olympic Eyewear makes this an easy task, as their experts research famous celebrity sunglass designs, helping take the difficulty out of researching this information.
  • Adding Splashes of Summer to Stores – Fashionable sunglasses help attract travelers and tourists. To capture passerby's attention, stores can place signs and posters celebrating local summer time activities and creating fun activity packages, which help lure visitors inside. Stores can carry colorful accessories and summer sunglass prints to help people on vacation feel as though they are experiencing a relaxing, outgoing trip away from home.
  • Window Displays – Window displays are the first point of contact customers have with stores. These displays can help maximize the potential to sell sunglasses and attract buyers. Stores need to focus on attractive window displays, incorporating the latest, freshest and most modern ideas into creating captivating designs. Window displays can also highlight the latest promotions, helping to encourage customers to visit the store.
  • Summer Sales and Discount Programs – To help make stores more fun and rewarding for customers, consider hosting a discount program. Customers can earn discounts by liking social network pages or sharing photos of their new sunglasses. Hold summer sales and events and invite people to try out the latest and greatest new sunglass models. Encourage customers to provide feedback and send out reviews to help take advantage of opportunities to improve services and products.

Olympic Eyewear has been serving as a wholesale sunglasses distributor for over nine years. They focus on making attractive designs that offer comfortable fits and factory packaging. This makes it easy for companies to distribute brands. As older models are phased out, popular models replace their inventory. They carry over 1,000 different styles of sunglasses, goggles and accessories. Every item available on the website is in stock, available for order and they offer prompt delivery.

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