How to Clean Sunglasses

Oct 26, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


There's nothing more disheartening than finding the perfect pair of sunglasses only to have them ruined with improper cleaning techniques.

Sunglasses are sure to become dirty with regular wear. Regardless of the type of finish used on the lens, glasses will pick up dirt, dust and debris when they are being taken on and off. This eventually causes smudges and unclear vision.

While most people simply blow their warm breath on the lenses and then wipe them on a napkin or t-shirt, this method leads to lens damage. By following the helpful tips outlined below, people will ensure a lifetime of wear on their new sunglasses.

  • Don't – Never use warm breath as a cleaning product. This only smears dirt on the lenses.
  • Don't – Never dry sunglasses with a shirt, paper towel or napkin, as this leads to unsightly scratches in the lenses.
  • Do – Use warm running water, dish soap that contains no lotions and a lint-free cleaning cloth.
  • Do – Moisten the lenses, frame and arms with warm tap water.
  • Do – Add a small drop of soap directly to the lenses, gently rubbing it into the lenses, arms and frame. It's advisable to use the thumb and forefinger, as this allows for a more gentle application.
  • Do – Carefully rinse sunglasses with warm water.
  • Do – Once all soap residues have been washed away, thoroughly dry sunglasses with a lint-free cloth.

If using lens cleaner spray, this can replace dish soap. It's important to confirm that lens spray can be used on coated and anti-reflective lenses. If in doubt, avoid this product and use a natural soap, such as Dawn.

Always avoid drying sunglasses with paper products. As paper products are made from wood, they can easily scratch lenses. If using dish soap, always use one that does not have lotions. Lotions can cause an unsightly milky film on the surface of the lenses. It's important to use soap in addition to water, as soap removes body oils from the lenses, nose pads, hinges and screws, prolonging the life of sunglasses.

Regularly cleaning sunglasses ensures that dirt and debris are removed, oils are banished and lenses are clear and ready to wear!

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