Hot Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2018

Jun 19, 2018 Olympic Eyewear


The season for summer sunglasses has arrived. Now it's time to analyze all the trend predictions made over the winter and early spring to see which ones are coming to fruition. It is almost like a sporting event. Be that as it may, we want you to know what your customers are actually buying for summer 2018.

Below are the hottest summer trends that we are seeing right now. If you need to update your inventory to get in on the action, we have everything you need in stock. Just place your order as soon as you can.

Tinted Lenses

A lot of prognosticators saw tinted lenses coming months ago. It turns out they were right. It seems like everybody wants a tint other than black. What are the most popular colors? You might want to check out these five: yellow, burnt orange, pink, light blue, and smoke green/gray.

The one thing they all have in common is their pastel shades. Summer 2018 is not the season for bold and bright tints. It is a season to look back on the 1980s with fond memories of color subtlety.

Brightly Colored Frames

As long as we are talking colors, brightly colored frames are hot right now. The most coveted colors are yellow, burnt orange, pink, and tortoiseshell. Even white frames are in style, though we hesitate to lump them in with brightly colored frames. Regardless, black and gray are out. Everything else is fair game.

Skinny Frames

We have been warning you for a while that skinny frames would be hot this summer. Now they are. But there's a caveat here: not all skinny frames are in. The ones people want are those that reflect the style of the 1990s. You are talking smaller sunglasses that still offer some measure of buyer protection. Not models that are so small they barely show up on the customer's face.

Oversized Aviators

The other side of the coin are oversized aviators. We're not quite sure why these are so hot right now, but they are. The bigger the frame, the better the look. If your customers want oversized but are not really happy with aviators, round frames are a suitable substitute. A lot of the ladies are choosing them – as long as they are big enough – over the aviators the guys are wearing.


Flat Tops

The flat top trend is something no one saw coming, at least that we are aware of. Nonetheless, all the guys seem to be flocking to them. A dark lens is important with flat tops because it makes the bridge easier to see. If you have lightly tinted lenses, people look right through them and don't even notice the bridge.

Retro and Vintage Looks

Retro and vintage sunglasses seem to be in style every summer. The only question from year to year is what era will be hot that summer. This year it is the 1960s and 70s. For your customers who love the 1960s style, you are looking at thick frames reminiscent of what Austin Powers might wear. Colored lenses make them even better.

Your 1970s fans will appreciate sunglasses with slightly thinner frames in the flatiron style. The lenses can be teardrop or oval, but they should be dark. Just imagine what the Eagles or ZZ Top might have worn in 1977 and you'll be good to go.

Another summer season is here. It is a great time to be selling sunglasses, isn't it? You bet it is. Summer is when we get to see all the hottest new styles that designers spent the winter months drooling over.

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