Gatsby: A Great, Stylish Guide for Summer

Jul 01, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


This summer is all about one theme: Gatsby. We're talking big Roaring Twenties with over the top stylish flair. Baz Luhrmann's bold movie is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby." The film features big-name stars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Isla Fisher. Providing a glimpse into a bygone era that focused on redefining women's and men's styles, this iconic film is ushering in an art deco filled age.

The Roaring Twenties is responsible for reinventing women's fashions, helping ditch the stuffy corsets in exchange for knee-length flapper-style dresses that showed plenty of legs and arms. Women also began cutting their long hair into stylish chin-length bobs and cosmetics, for the first time in history, became extremely popular.

Everyone is familiar with the Roaring Twenties sense of stylish hats, both among men and women. This gangster-filled era ushered in the iconic men's Zoot suit – the high-waist, tight-cuff and wide-leg trouser look that dominated the upper class. Even today, this suit style is immediately associated with Chicago swag and prohibition parties.

Glasses styles are commonly overlooked from this era, but with "Gatsby" helping reinvent modern styles, giving it a borrowed edge from yesteryear, fashionistas are predicting sunglasses and glasses will also follow suit.

In the 20's, round-framed sunglasses and glasses were extremely popular. They were often made from metal or horn rims. These styles were unisex, as both men and women wore the same glasses. Round was the most popular glasses shape, with octagons and ovals following in popularity. Rimless glasses were extremely fragile and also made popular statements. Pairing this look with classic saddle shoes, preferably oxfords or loafers for men and catchy heels for women, helps complete this classic, yet trendy look.

For women that are looking to mimic big-screen fashions, simply dawning classic pumps, seamed stockings and a framed purse with a drop-waisted dress provides instant 20's style and charm. A classic, yet tidy bun close to the nape of the neck, red lipstick and a dab of powder and women will instantly ooze Roaring Twenties style. Pair this with round sunglasses and a woman is set to go on an adventure.

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