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Fashion Sunglasses and Other Choices for Your Summer Inventory

Apr 26, 2019 Olympic Eyewear


The arrival of spring means more sunshine and warmer temperatures to your customers. To you though, spring's arrival means it is time to start planning for summer. You have to be several months ahead to make sure you have the right inventory for each season. Thankfully, you are an Olympic Eyewear customer. We have just the right fashions to set you up for a very profitable summer.

We invite you to take a look at our complete inventory of men's, women's, and children's sunglasses. You will find dozens of different brands we are proud to include under the Olympic banner. From Air Force to X-Loop, Olympic has hundreds great styles we are confident will make your customers very happy.

Sport Sunglasses

Here at Olympic Eyewear, we keep our collective ear to the ground in order to stay ahead of coming trends. All indications suggest a small number of styles destined to dominate the 2019 summer season. Let's begin with sport sunglasses. Everywhere you go it seems like the fashionistas are talking about them.

Sport sunglasses are the two-for-one king of the eyewear world. Not only do they look good, they also offer added protection to athletes. A good pair wraps around the front of the face to offer plenty of protection on the sides. It generally features a slick and streamlined frame to reduce air resistance along with colored lenses that are specific to certain kinds of sports.

Plastic Aviators

Aviators have been in style ever since they were first introduced decades ago. What's different about 2019 is that people are looking for plastic frames. Metal aviators are so 1980s and 90s that consumers are really trying to get away from them. So plastic it is.

Black frames should do very well this year in the aviator category. We expect black, blue, and rose lenses to be popular as well. We are not expecting a big demand for mirrored lenses, though. Mirrored lenses work very well with metal frames. With plastic frames, not so much.

Hipster Modifications

The key demographic for retail at any given point in time is usually that group of consumers in their late 20s to mid-30s. It just so happens that this key demographic in 2019 is very much into hipster styles. So look for sunglasses with certain kinds of hipster features to do well.

For example, picture a decent pair of wayfarers with extra-thick, two-tone frames. They would look perfect on the hipster face. Pair them with the right kind of hat and a few jewelry accessories and you have a winning combination. Trust us when we say that hipster will be big this summer.

Place Your Orders Today

As always, we encourage retailers to get their orders placed as soon as possible. You need time to receive and process inventory so that it's ready for sale when the summer season hits. Plan on having your summer inventory out on the floor no later than the end of May. Summer vacationers will start purchasing their sunglasses with the end of school in June.

Also remember that Olympic Eyewear carries a complete range of unbranded, logo-free sunglasses. These are essentially white label products you can either label yourself or sell as generic sunglasses. You will find dozens of great styles for men, women, and children, all reasonably priced and sold by the dozen.

Winter is long gone, and summer is on the way. Be sure to stock up with enough summer inventory to keep your customers happy. And remember that this year sport sunglasses, plastic aviators, and fashion sunglasses appealing to hipsters are hot.

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