Enhance Your Summer Sales at the Flea Market

May 21, 2018 Olympic Eyewear


In a business like ours, it is normal for retailers who purchase from us to have multiple ways of turning around and selling the products to customers. Some of our retailers have opened up their own boutiques or mall kiosks. Still others prefer to sell exclusively online. This post is geared toward the latter group. The intent is to encourage them to consider enhancing their summer sales at a local flea market.

We have talked about flea markets in previous posts. Yet this is a topic that bears repeating. Why? Because your average flea market is a high-traffic environment frequent by people who are looking to spend. You can do quite well just by setting up a flea market booth on weekends during the summer.

You might not earn enough at the flea market to justify making it a full-time occupation, but you can certainly supplement your online sales quite a bit. People love inexpensive sunglasses. They will buy from you in a flea market – but only if you are present.

Important Things to Know About Flea Markets

You know that Olympic sells sunglasses in bulk at cheap prices. But low prices alone do not guarantee profit. So if you are going to sell at flea markets, there are some important things for you to know. First up is that there are three ways of doing this:

  • By the Day – Just about every flea market in the country offers the opportunity to rent a booth by the day. If you only have Saturdays to devote to the cause, one-day rental is ideal.
  • By the Weekend – A second option is renting space for the entire weekend. Note that some flea markets require vendor presence all weekend, given that weekends represent the most traffic that market will see. Setting up for the weekend generally means both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Long-Term Lease – Last is the tried-and-true long-term lease. Many flea markets will rent space by the month or longer. Just be careful of such arrangements. Sometimes they come with extra requirements that might not be suitable for you.

Look for High Traffic Market

You might be fortunate enough to live in an area that is home to several flea markets. If so, search out the one with the highest traffic. While high traffic is typical of flea markets, some markets definitely perform better than others. You need as much traffic as possible in order to sell those cheap sunglasses you purchased from us in bulk.

Be Choosy About Your Location

As long as the local flea market gives you a choice, be very choosy about your location. The best place to locate in an indoor flea market is as close to the door as possible. You want people coming in out of the bright sunshine to instantly see your sunglasses the minute they enter.

In outdoor locations, stay as close to the entrance as possible. If those are spaces are taken, which is normal due to them being priority spaces, look for something closer to the middle or at the back end of the market. Give people without sunglasses time to strain their eyes before coming upon your booth.

We sell sunglasses in bulk at cheap prices so that our retailers have plenty of room to apply a good markup and still be less expensive than the biggest brand names. As a retailer, you are tasked with getting out there and selling the inventory bought from us. If you live in a town with a flea market, why not give it a try this summer?

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