Differences between .75mm Polarized Lenses and 1.1mm Polarized Lenses

May 23, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


On a first guess, you would probably think that the difference between .75mm and 1.1mm polarized lenses is a difference in polarization – that is, how much the lenses protect your eyes from glare. But the different types of polarized lenses actually provide the same layer of polarized protection. They filter the same quantity of light, one does not offer greater or less polarized protection than the other.

So then what's the difference?

The "mm" is actually a measurement of thickness – the thickness of the lens. 1.1mm polarized lenses are slightly thicker than .75mm polarized lenses but this thickness makes a difference only in terms of impact resistance.

Anglers and water sports enthusiasts especially benefit form polarized lenses because they are well suited to the intensity of the sun's glare bouncing off the water. Without sunglasses – and sunglasses that are polarized – a fisherman may have a hard time seeing beneath the water clearly, and may find it hard to even look up and out at the water. This kind of extreme glare can also cause serious eye strain. Fishermen and water enthusiasts should always be sure they have the appropriate gear to protect their eyes while on the water. Regular .75 lenses offer the perfect protection, visual acuity and clarity needed in conditions of extreme glare. 1.1mm polarized lenses are not necessary for everyone.

So if both types of lenses offer the same level of polarization, why should I buy 1.1mm lenses?

1.1 mm polarized lenses are specifically suited to water enthusiasts, fishermen and any person needing glare protection who is also concerned about impact resistance. .75mm lenses are perfectly fine for a regular day of fishing or other activity. 1.1mm may be a better option if you envision easily scratching or otherwise damaging your lens.

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