Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Golfing

Nov 19, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are a necessity for golf, albeit it for spring, summertime, fall or wintertime games. A year-round activity, golfers wear sunglasses that help improve their game. In fact, some high-end sunglasses are sold with lenses that automatically change color depending upon outdoor conditions.

When purchasing sunglasses for golfing, it's important to try different styles and lens colors.

  • Copper – Lenses that feature brown, dark amber, cinnamon and copper tones help to increase visual acuity and contrast. These are often recommended specifically for golfers, allowing intense contrast with the sky and grass. This also allows golfers to easily follow the ball in the air once it is hit, providing for increased contrast without sacrificing colors.
  • Gray and Green – These neutral lenses help to decrease the sun's bright rays, without affecting true color variations. Gray lenses help to reduce brightness while offering heighten color recognition, while green lenses slightly increase contrast, but retain a significant color balance. Sunglasses with dark gray lenses are excellent for bright days and medium lenses are ideal for cloudy, overcast days.
  • Red and Rose – Heightening contrast, but distorting colors, these tints are excellent on putting greens. When putting, the bright green saturates the eye. Red and rose lenses are able to highlight the yellow and red hues that make up green colors, helping add contour and definition to putting surfaces. This helps golfers read breaks. Non-color distorting lenses are best suited for fairways and tee areas.
  • Considerations – Despite helping boost golfers' performance, sunglasses are also needed to help protect the eyes from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Thanks in part to Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods, sunglasses are the latest trend to grace golf courses worldwide. Today, this sport is both fashionable and attractive to younger audiences. In fact, people are beginning to follow golf results, similar to sports enthusiasts following soccer, baseball, tennis, football and even basketball.

Golfers are often influenced by trends, sporting sunglasses such as Nike, Bolle and Adidas. However, X-Loop sunglasses and Biohazard sunglasses are popular alternatives for sporting enthusiasts.

With a focus on visual clarity and color enhancement, golfing sunglasses are able to help golfers' improve their scores, giving them a significant contrast between the greens and the ball. Lightweight, scratch and impact resistant and well-ventilated sunglasses is the ideal accessory to any avid golfer's wardrobe.

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