Bulk Sunglasses: Upcoming Trends for 2015

Jan 14, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear highlights the latest upcoming bulk sunglasses trends for 2015. This helps give the public and retailers' insight into what trends will be hot this year.

  • Round – This year is seeing the return of bubbly, curvy shapes. Many of these frame styles mimic shapes from the 1960s and 1970s. Color choices vary, with eccentric tones making a comeback, which includes vivid acetates, crystal acetates and even lacquered metals.
  • Outside the Box – For designers that are looking to explore "outside the box" this season, cat eye frames are the ideal style to embellish. Look for cat eye styles to be adorned and embellished with rhinestones, marble-style colors, sparkle adornments and much more. Bold and playful colors and patterns are expected to make a significant comeback this season, which means that retailers can anticipate that consumers will be purchasing several pairs to mix-and-match with their wardrobe staples.
  • Natural – The ultimate must have for any woman is the "natural" look that mimics horn or wood-like materials. Every woman needs a natural tone that flatters her skin tone, hair color and facial features. These blend well with everyday looks and can dress up the most casual outfits with elegant sophistication.
  • Colored and Mirrored Lenses – This year designers have created a wide range of jewel lens tones to perfectly blend with any outfit. Designer wholesale sunglasses are breaking the mold and exploring new, uncharted trend territories that include blues, reds, purples, neon tones, vivid jewel-tones, silver and even gold. Some sunglasses even have transparent hues, which allows the wearers' eyes to sparkle and shine.
  • Limited Editions – For one-of-a-kind designs, retailers can market sunglasses as limited editions, as these are bound to catch consumers' attention. Generally, limited editions sell for higher-than-average costs, which allow retailers to make more money and consumers to feel as though they are getting something special and limited.

As exclusive and new wholesale sunglasses by the dozen are available this year, Olympic Eyewear will continually be offering the merchandise. This allows retailers to know that they are safe, as Olympic Eyewear hand selects brands and styles based on popularity, trends, research and contemporary reports.

Specializing in wholesale designer sunglasses, they offer both men's and women's brands that appeal to wide retail markets, whether it is brick and mortar retailers, farmers' markets, community stores, specialty boutiques, sporting good stores, vacation resorts and much more. Their specialists are also on hand to offer specialty advice, focusing on building long-term relationships that help boost cheap wholesale sunglasses sales.

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