Benefits of Buying Sunglasses in Bulk

Mar 01, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Everyone is looking to save money these days – ranging from businesses to consumers. One of the most profitable ways for businesses to build long-term relationships with consumers is to pass on savings.

Consider this: A small business purchases a large quantity of bulk sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear. In turn, they pass on this valuable savings directly to their customers by ensuring they receive the best possible price. In doing so, they help build a long-term relationship with their customers, ensuring they return for future purchases.

How do companies make money by selling products at discount prices? Easy, companies have to be business savvy about making profitable investments, which includes receiving substantial discounts when they purchase goods.

Not only does Olympic Eyewear offer discounts on designer eyewear purchases made by the dozen, but also they offer an additional structured discount, which includes:

  • Purchases over $500 receive an additional 5% discount.
  • Over $1000, an additional 10%
  • Over $3000, an additional 15%
  • Over $5,000, an additional 20%

Companies may wonder what they would do with that amount of inventory. In today’s consumable world, sunglasses are often just that – consumable. Often they are damaged or lost, and sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessories on the market. Sunglasses are versatile, inexpensive fashion statements.  With a consumable inexpensive product, people are able to afford more. Sunglasses are favored to mix and match with individual outfits, reflecting a distinct personal sense of style.

It is also common for athletes and outdoor-driven people to have sunglasses that accommodate their needs, ranging from UV protection, tint that enhances vision and even sunglasses that have a contoured shape that protects the eyes from blinding light. Skiers and snowboarders seek sunglasses that decrease slope brightness, making the hilly contours easily viewable – this also improves safety, as it gives the slopes definition.

So, what types of stores are interested in this type of bulk purchasing? The types are endless and include sports stores, large retailers, wholesale warehouses, bicycle shops, glasses stores, and clothing merchandisers.

Wholesale sunglasses are sold in assorted colors per dozen, or single colors, making it easier and less time consuming for retailers to place orders. In addition, all sunglasses are pre-packaged for protection, but also for easy redistribution. Olympic Eyewear also provides stock wholesale designer sunglasses images, making it simple for online retailers to upload images directly to their website.

Making it easy for companies to stay ahead of the trend, Olympic Eyewear offers new arrivals and the latest released styles, ensuring retailers have up-to-date fashions available before most competitors.

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