A Consumer Guide to Sunglasses

Feb 09, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Experts and health professionals recommend that people wear sunglasses all year, helping to boost year-round performance and protection. Whether rimless, rhinestone studded or wraparound, sunglasses help shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing glare while driving, playing and working outdoors.

Sunglasses should filter UVB and UVA rays. Some polarized lenses are designed to reduce further glare, offering tints that make vision more comfortable.

Moisture-resistant materials are ideal for frames, as they help prevent unsightly rust and deterioration. Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium help to resist corrosion and prevent breakage. Consumers looking for light, all-day wearable materials can select plastic, zyl or nylon.

Non-prescription sunglasses, known as planos, are sold are a variety of department stores and retailers. With sunglasses in colors and shapes to fit every budget, sunglasses can easily be customized at prescription optical shops.

Traditional sunglass alternatives are also popular. This includes oversized models that fit over prescription eyeglass frames, which are popular for older and elderly people, flip-up lenses, clip-on sunglasses and photochromic lenses that change to dark shades in sunny areas and become lighter indoors.

Reports show that up to 55-percent of adults either break or lose their sunglasses every year. The remaining numbers show that 27-percent of adults never wear sunglasses, which means they could be exposing their delicate eye tissues to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Many ophthalmologists are participating in health awareness campaigns. Social media has helped play an important role in spreading news about eye heath. This campaign encourages people to wear UV protected sunglasses. The Vision Council started a campaign for Missing Sunglasses, that offers updated statistics and information to consumers, helping encourage them to regularly wear UV protected eyewear year round.

While southernmost cities are at the greatest risk of resident exposure to harmful UV rays, UV rays are a risk in any area, even rainy cities, such as Seattle.

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