Top 4 Creative Uses for Bulk Sunglasses

Jan 23, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Purchasing sunglasses in bulk lets distributors and consumers get sellable products for a discounted wholesale price. While businesses may sell these through a storefront, individuals often turn to private online sales through websites like eBay or Amazon. But those are not the only options – and may not even be the best ones.

Whether you're a distributor looking to move the leftovers of last year's collection of designer shades or an entrepreneur purchasing bulk sunglasses to sell for a profit, why not do something creative with your sunglasses bulk? You may be able to make money and provide a useful service in the process if you sell your wholesale shades in any of the four situations below.


If you have sunglasses in bulk and want to quickly get them all out of your hands at once, sell them to one buyer. Companies holding business parties or employee recognition events may need prizes to give away in raffles or hand out as gifts to reward great work. Organizations or corporations planning public events or running booths at conferences may also require giveaway items to thank attendees for participating or visiting with them. Sunglasses are a great gift for anyone and everyone, as they are both practical and fun.


Most couples offer small gifts to their wedding attendees as a way to say thank you for sharing in their special day. Many times, it's personalized candies or baked goods, and sometimes it's little keepsakes like candles, glassware or coasters. For brides and grooms looking for something a little more useful and unique, sunglasses are the perfect option. The couple can purchase sunglasses in bulk for an affordable price and then tie simple tags onto the frames that read something like, "Don't be blinded by our love" with the names and date of the wedding. This can be an especially practical favor idea for a summer or outdoor wedding in which the guests can wear them during an afternoon ceremony.


This idea may not bring as big of a financial return from other bulk sunglasses sale ideas, but the reward may be even better. There are people all over the country who can't afford sunglasses or the quality of sunglasses they need to protect their eyes. When nonprofits hold events or fundraisers to raise money for a group of people in need, they often need gifts to share with sponsors and donors in appreciation. Giving bulk sunglasses at a discounted price to support a good cause is one of the best ways to make use of your abundance.


If you purchased sunglasses in bulk and aren't selling them as quickly as you'd like, try taking them to a flea market. The crowd there may be one you haven't reached before online or in your store. A flea market also gives you the opportunity to present your bulk sunglasses to multiple people at once, potentially letting you clear out a large portion of your stock in one place. Plus, if the market is outside, you can capitalize on shoppers who may need a pair of shades just to walk the stands.

If you purchase cheap bulk sunglasses and are looking for new business opportunities with great return potential, it's time to get creative. Choose any of the above ideas – or come up with your own – to make selling sunglasses more fun and rewarding.

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