Olympic Eyewear offers women's reading glasses. These readers are perfect for a variety of retailers to carry, including boutiques, big box stores, bookstores and many other types of shops. They offer a selection of different brands and styles.

Many of these reading glasses offer adjustable nosepieces and earpieces, which make them easy to customize for personal fit. On a separate note, these trendy reading glasses are sure to make others do a double take, as they add just the right touch of personalized charm and charisma to define the next writer, waiter, actor, screenwriter, future director, graphic designer, inventor, scientist, computer genius, medical doctor, journalist or CEO of tomorrow's generation.

The most popular styles of women's reading glasses include rectangular, round, semi-rimless and wayfarer styles. Generally, reading glasses are made of metal, wood or plastic. Reading glasses are usually designed for women ages 40 and up, but some women might require reading glasses in their late 20s and 30s. Reading glasses no longer have to look "mature." Instead, this latest generation of reading glasses has a youthful edginess that brings a playful, sassy look that seamlessly incorporates fashion and clear focus into one single element.
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