Olympic Eyewear features the latest selection of new sunglasses. These include new brands, styles, materials, lens types and features. This section is easy to search, which makes it a cinch for retailers to purchase the latest styles.

New brands include, but are not limited to, Air Force, Barricade, Biohazard, CG, Dxtreme, Eyedentification, Giselle, Khan, Kleo, Locs, Manhattan, VG and X-Loop sunglasses. Modern-day styles that are all the rage include aviator, butterfly, cat eye, oval, rectangle, rimless, round, shield, square and wayfarer. Today's popular materials for sunglasses include metal, plastic and even eco-friendly wood. Lens types feature polarized, reading and bifocals. Features include clear lenses, mirrored, novelty, oversized, rhinestones and vintage looks.

Women always want the latest fashion trends and accessories, which is why it is so important for Olympic Eyewear to stock the latest women's sunglasses. By keeping updated on the newest sunglass trends, this makes it easy for retailers, boutiques and other sunglass shops to simply check out this section and order the newest selection of sunglasses by the dozen at highly discounted prices.

Olympic Eyewear's expert team of fashion advisors stays up to date on the latest sunglass trends, which means that retailers do not have to scour fashion advice blogs, runways and trending articles to find out what sunglasses will be bestsellers in the next six months to a year. Helping take the guesswork out of selecting the latest trends, colors, styles and brands, Olympic Eyewear makes it easy for retailers to kick back and trust its knowledgeable expertise.
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